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Pan Macmillan has netted Braintenance: A Scientific Guide to Creating Healthy Habits and Reaching your Goals by neuroscientist and TikTok star Dr Julia Ravey. 
Matthew Cole, senior commissioning editor, acquired world rights in all languages from Sara Cameron at Sara Cameron Talent Management. The book will be published in hardback, e-book and audio in January 2023. 
Braintenance is Ravey’s first book, and in it she explains how “you can take charge of your brain with scientifically proven ways to break habits, achieve your goals and lead the life you want”. Ravey combines the latest developments in science and psychology to teach readers how to direct their focus, boost belief, beat procrastination and explains why “why we should forget motivation”. “The more we understand about our thinking, the more control we can have over our lives,” the publisher wrote. 
Ravey host the BBC Sounds podcast “Mental Muscle” and has a PhD in neuroscience from University College London. Recently she has become a “science educator” on TikTok. 
Cole said: “There are so many useful tips and tricks that I have learnt and incorporated into my own life from working on Julia’s book and she has a fantastic ability to distil the latest science into accessible and practical advice.”
Ravey added: “Braintenance is the book I needed to read myself a few years ago when I knew exactly what I wanted to do in my career, but had no idea of the steps to get there. The book explores how the brain works in order to give some guidance on why we behave the way we do, plus exercises that should help break down any big goal into small, manageable steps. I am thrilled to be sharing Braintenance with the world, and hope it can lend a helping hand to those who feel stuck, have big goals and want to make a change.” 


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