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Golf is a sport that is played in all four corners, with global tours, players of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. It has even been played on the Moon. We can now add the Grand Canyon to the list.
Katie Sigmond is not a golfer.
She does, however, play recreationally. She also has an enormous social media following, with approximately 7 million followers on TikTok. Enough to justify recording the majority of her life, taking flattering pictures in pretty places, and becoming a self-appointed ‘influencer.’
Her recent recorded exploits took her to the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s most visited tourist hotspots. She left the beautiful place with a court hearing, criminal charges, some angry Arizonian National Park Service Officers, and a lost driver.
Let me elaborate.
You know, when the weather is bad, the grips feel slippery, or you catch a bad lie, sometimes we lose control of the club. Well, it turns out, a bad golf swing and the Grand Canyon don’t provide the best combination for clubhead control.
After setting up the perfect angle and hitting a fresh golf ball out into the vast expanse, Sigmond can be seen hurling the club almost as far as the ball – over the rim of the canyon, which sparked outrage from the safety team and locals; as it puts hikers and wildlife at risk.
The statement from the Grand Canyon Service Park was made via Facebook on October 26th, outlining the incident. The National Park was able to share the video on its Reddit page, which can be watched here.
The exasperated National Park Service signed off by asking, ‘do we really have to tell people not to play golf at the Grand Canyon?’
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