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Updated · Oct 05, 2022
TikTok Statistics: The 21st century’s hottest trend is. It has taken over social media sites around the world. TikTok has become a new subculture among teenagers and tech-savvy individuals. It’s a new and innovative way to online share. TikTok lets online users create videos, and music and engage in many other activities such as
TikTok also allows users online to share their creations. Different users have different views on the platform. While some people find it exciting, engaging, and entertaining, others find it addictive. TikTok, a powerful platform that allows users to create new things, is very popular. It is available on both iOS and Android apps. It can be accessed worldwide through Google Play or the app stores.
TikTok Statistics - TikTok Has 800 Million  Active Global Users
It is one of the most popular apps worldwide. The number of downloaded apps has grown exponentially in recent years.
TikTok Statistics And Facts
(Source: wallaroomedia)
TikTok statistics - TikTok is Listed As The Most Downloaded App
The below stats will definitely impress you:
TikTok currently supports 75 languages and is used in 155 different countries. Let’s take a look at TikTok’s various country-specific statistics. It has the highest monthly user base in India. Let’s check out the top TikTok countries. (Source: routenote)
These are the most recent figures, according to company filings. They highlight TikTok’s 1,157.76% increase since 2017 for its international app (exclusive of Douyin which is covered below).
1. # tiktok.
2. # love.
3. # funny.
4. # memes.
5. # followme.
6. # cute.
7. # fun.
8. # music.
9. # happy.
10. # fashion.
These are the most popular hashtags today, but you will get lost in the sheer volume of posts.
If you’re looking to get noticed, you should use category-focused hashtags and keep an eye on trending ones too, InfluencerMarketingHub has a great guide. (Sources: Social Blade, Statista 1, Statista 2, InfluencerMarketingHub)
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