TikTok 'homemade' fluoride-free toothpaste trend has dentists sounding the alarm – New York Post

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Dentists are warning health-conscious people to avoid homemade and fluoride-free toothpaste if they want to avoid issues with their teeth.
The warning comes amid a rise in demand for herbal toothpaste, particularly those that don‘t contain fluoride, with “homemade recipes” shared on TikTok racking up millions of views.
These recipes include ingredients like lemon, baking soda, salt, and charcoal that can actually be bad for people’s teeth and cause other issues, according to Bupa’s head dentist Cathryn Madden.
Fluoride prevents tooth decay and is added to toothpaste and drinking water.
“Just because these ingredients are natural doesn’t mean they’re good for your teeth,” Dr. Madden said.
“Using things like lemon, which is acidic, or baking soda and salt, which are abrasive, can strip off the enamel from your teeth or cause discoloration.
“Hydrogen peroxide can cause burns to your gums and soft tissues, while vinegar can also cause damage.”
Dentists are already seeing patients saying that they are using alternative toothpaste or filtering fluoride out of their water, with some saying that they are also choosing to do the same for their children.
“Though it‘s everyone’s personal choice on what they put into their body, we advise people to talk to their dentist before changing their dental hygiene routine, especially when involving children.”
Using homemade products or fluoride-free toothpaste comes with the of wearing away your enamel, which in turn increases your risk of cavities, discoloration, and sensitivity.
“Once your enamel is gone, you don‘t get it back,” she said.
Dr. Madden advised sticking with commercial toothpaste containing fluoride, despite a surge in dental care products that don‘t contain the often controversial mineral.
Fluoride prevents issues with your teeth from turning into a cavity or a hole,” she said.
Claims that fluoride is “dangerous” are misguided, according to Dr. Madden.
“If you‘re following the advice that the dentists are giving you, you will be fine,” she said.
She urged consumers to avoid listening to social media posts claims on fluoride and dental hygiene.
“It‘s important that you’re consulting a dental professional and not TikTok, they can steer you toward an appropriate product even if you would prefer to look at those without fluoride.
“There are decades worth of good scientific evidence showing that fluoride is safe and is effective in the prevention of tooth decay.”


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