Mom Shares Genius Trick for Sneaking a Bite of a Sandwich You Made for Someone Else – TODAY

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Have you ever made a sandwich for a loved one and instantly marveled at your handiwork, wishing you could just eat it yourself? One TikTok user has a brilliant trick to help you sneak a bite without anyone ever knowing.
Stacy LaCount, who describes herself as an “entrepreneur, wife, mother, traveler, realtor” in her bio, recently shared a video demonstrating her handiwork and it’s amassed 3.8 million views since its posting on Oct. 17.
In the short clip, LaCount shows off a delightful sandwich and adds the onscreen caption, “When you really want a bite of a sandwich you made for someone else….”
The TikTok user starts to cut it in half, with one half being a bit smaller than the other. But then she cuts a tiny sliver from the larger end to even things up and takes it for herself, finishing her onscreen caption with the following phrase: “and you don’t want them to know you took one ?.”
LaCount captioned the video, “That’s right! Easy peasy and they’ll NEVER know! ??,” adding the hashtags #tiktoktaughtme ##sneakingbitessince2002 #momtricks.
The creative mom’s followers were amazed by the brilliant trick and many were determined to try it for themselves.
“Game. Changer. How did I not think of this??” one wrote.
Some jokingly worried that they’d been “outed,” with one commenting, “Don’t let them know our secrets! ???.”
One TikTok user made a hilarious suggestion, writing, “Now our Uber Eats drivers will be slimming down our ‘Foot Longs’ ?.”
Some folks revealed that they’re a bit more obvious when eating their loved one’s food, like one who chimed in with the following comment: “I usually just take an obvious bite though. it’s my food tax.”
But others admitted that they’ve also been doing something similar for years.
“It’s shocking to me how many people never thought of doing this ? I’m second oldest of 7 and used to do this all of the time w/ the littles ?,” one wrote. LaCount then replied, “My husband was mortified he couldn’t believe I had been doing this all these years ?.”
It looks like sandwiches aren’t the only food item you can sneak a covert bit of. Several commenters said they do something similar with everything ranging from quesadillas to pizza.
TODAY Food reached out to LaCount for comment on her viral sandwich hack but hasn’t heard back.
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