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An influencer took to TikTok to discourage white people from seeing the Black Panther sequel on opening weekend.
Self-proclaimed activist Lavynder Lee explained in a now-removed TikTok that white people “can go see it on another weekend” but that the opening weekend, set for Nov. 11, is meant for black people.
“This message is to all our wimpy accomplices and ‘white allies.’ This message is to all the white people who have ‘BLM’ in their bio,” Lee begins the video. “You can go see [Black Panther: Wakanda Forever] on another weekend. Go see it on the second or third weekend. But the first weekend? That’s for us.”
If you go to see Wakanda Forever on opening weekend, you are anti-black

White people need to stay away so that black people can “enjoy that movie in peace”

Instead, Lee gives her over 7,000 followers a suggestion: fund black people’s movie tickets.
“If you really want to prove to black people that you love us and you care about us and you are down for the cause? Do not go see that movie opening weekend,” Lee went on. “You buy your ticket, you give it to a black person or a black family who can’t afford to go. And then you go sit in that theater, in front of the doors. You make sure that every black person in that theater can enjoy that movie in peace. You make sure that you use your body to block us from anybody who’d be coming in that theater to do us harm. That is your job.”
It is unclear if Lee removed her own TikTok or if the platform removed it. In her bio, there is still a link to a GoFundMe site raising funds, saying that she “will personally use the funds to buy tickets for Black families to go see the movie in the theater of their choosing.” It has raised over $500 of its $10,000 goal. While it is unclear when Lee originally posted the TikTok, the fundraiser has been active since Aug. 2.

“This is meant to help people understand the significance of Black celebrations and how they are personal and private and should be respected,” Lee further explained on the fundraiser site. “Being an ally does not mean you will be included. It means you respect us and you help us congregate safely.”
Disney CEO Bob Chapek went on the record Wednesday on why the company, which is also the production company for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, caters to its audience at times while accused of being “too woke.”
“The world is a rich, diverse place, and we want our content to reflect that,” Chapek said.
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever held its world premiere Wednesday at El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, California.


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