I bought a vending machine for $250, and I'm shocked how much money I've made – New York Post

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A couple said they purchased a vending machine to rake in some extra cash and were shocked at the profitability of the snack-on-demand business.
In a viral TikTok clip with 2.7 million views, Jade Davis, known as @jadedavis0802 on the app, claimed she and her fiancé bought a vending machine for only $250 — a steal when machines can cost thousands of dollars — and rushed to Sam’s Club to fill it with goodies.
After spending $315 on snacks, plus the cost of the $45 membership to the superstore, the pair allegedly made around $150 in just three weeks.
Now they’re adding new offerings after receiving requests from fellow TikTokers and reviewing what didn’t sell (hint: cheddar puffs and Skittles).
The videos are so popular that other users felt inspired to consider buying their own vending machine and taking up the side hustle themselves.
“I’m buying this and putting it in my living room. These kids about to pay for these snacks!” one person commented.
We bought a vending machine! #vendingmachine #fyp #sams #sidehustle #vendingmachinebusiness #fypシ @Sam’s Club
“I might put one on my front porch for all the Amazon and FedEx guys,” wrote another in jest.
“Ive been wanting to do one of these so bad but with like non conventional items!” said someone else.
In another clip, viewers were quick to point out the low prices of snacks in the machine — several ringing in at a measly 50 cents. Davis claimed that, because they “took [the machine] over from someone that had been running it for years,” they’ll be keeping it in the same location and will “slowly” raises prices in an attempt to keep buyers happy.
Meanwhile, others touted the machine as the “best.”
“This is the best vending machine I’ve ever seen. So much variety!!!” commented one snack enthusiast.
“All of the prices should be at a dollar or more,” another chided.
Vending machines have proven to be a lucrative business for some, including 31-year-old Marcus Gram, who claims he rarely works and makes bank.
After spending about $5,000 on two refurbished machines, Gram started to see the money roll in, claiming he made more than $300,000 just last year from 25 machines.
“The vending machine business is a semi-passive income business,” he told Time. “The sale of the products is passive, but ensuring those sales are consistent and the customers are happy requires effort.”
For the “hungry entrepreneur,” it’s an “untapped opportunity” for additional income, Gram said, and one that might earn Davis and her partner some serious cash.


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