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Penn Badgely has made his TikTok debut, and Taylor Swift fans are loving it!

The actor arrived on the video app in the most hilarious way possible with a spoof of Swift's song "Anti Hero" from her latest album, Midnights

In the video captioned "#Antihero," Badgley is seen running from the camera as if someone is chasing him. It then cuts to him opening a door to his character Joe from the hit Netflix series, You

Joe lip-syncs the words, "It's me, hi," as he waves at Badgely. Badgley waves back hesitantly as his character proceeds to lip sync, "I'm the problem, it's me," referring to how his character is a serial killer and the source of all of the issues in the series. 
Fans were impressed with the creativity displayed in his first video, hoping that it was a promise of more content to come.

One fan commented, "WELCOME TO TIKTOK PENN," while another fan wrote, "Never followed someone so quickly."

Other fans were ecstatic over the nod to Swift's song, writing, "swiftie confirmed?!" 

Yet another fan posed the question: "Penn what is your favourite song on Midnights?"

Swift even chimed in herself, writing, "OMG!!!! 🤩"

Many fans played along with the spoof with comments ranging from "Joe, realizing he is the problem 😂😳" to "we love a self-aware king."

And when one fan commented, "screaming crying throwing up," Badgley himself replied with video response of himself throwing up into a salad bowl before stating, "me too." 

Welcome to TikTok, Badgley! Swifties are lucky to have you. 
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