Woman's TikTok tutorial on how to make a bed could banish couples' blanket-sharing woes – Yahoo News

A Swedish photographer and videographer who lives in the Arctic has appeared to have inspired American couples with her TikTok video on how to make a bed.
Cecilia Blomdahl, 32, who’s originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, now lives in a small cabin in Svalbard, Norway, with her boyfriend Christoffer and her dog, a Finnish Lapphund named Grim. Blomdahl may have banished blanket fights from her life by making her bed the “Scandinavian” way.
Svalbard is a community located on a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. The island is close to the North Pole, according to Blomdahl, and temperatures can get low during winter.
Blomdahl recorded how she makes her bed and shared the video to her TikTok account, @sejsejlija, on Oct. 10, which has been viewed more than 751,700.
She makes her bed with a fitted sheet, two down duvet inserts in respective duvet covers, one for her and one for Christoffer, a set of pillows with pillow covers and a bedspread.
“In Scandinavia, it is very common to have two duvets,” Blomdahl told Fox News Digital via email.
“For me, it has as much to do with the temperature as with the importance of good sleep,” Blomdahl wrote. “My partner and I have completely different preferences when it comes to the temperature for sleeping, so sharing one would be a nightmare.”
She noted that couples who each have their own duvet don’t have to fight over the blanket in the middle of the night.
“It is also very nice in the winter, when it is very cold, to be able to make your own little down cocoon,” Blomdahl added.
Blomdahl noted that top sheets are completely skipped in Scandinavian beds. Instead, she has a lighter down duvet for summer and a thicker down duvet for winter, to address “different levels of warmth.”
The outdoor temperature in Svalbard can go down to -10 degrees Celsius or colder during winter, according to Blomdahl.
Blomdahl’s bed tutorial has seemingly resonated with American couples who struggle to share blankets with a significant other.
“This makes more sense than how we do it in North America,” one TikTok commenter wrote. “Who wouldn’t want their own duvet!!”
“Honestly the first time I experienced 2 duvets was in Iceland and it was LIFECHANGING,” another commenter wrote.
“This is how my husband and I do it too here in America,” a commenter chimed in. “We can not share one blanket we have to have at least two for our sanity.”
“We recently got 2 duvets and it’s been the best choice for the longevity of our marriage,” one TikTok user joked.
Blomdahl is continuing to amaze her two million TikTok followers with other arctic-focused “day in the life” style videos that she shares, which document how she preps for outings and deals with Svalbard’S polar night – a natural phenomenon where nighttime conditions last for more than 24 hours for months at a time.
You can follow Cecilia Blomdahl on TikTok @sejsejlija or on YouTube @CeciliaBlomdahl.
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