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We’ve got famous authors yelling at Jamie Dimon, rich Russians heading to your favorite all-inclusive, and more people complaining about Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse infatuation
But first, there’s a new top man in the UK.  
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1. Can Wall Street fix the UK?
The UK has a new prime minister — no, it’s not the head of lettuce — and he comes from the world of Wall Street!
Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister, officially became prime minister on Tuesday after meeting with King Charles. The 42-year-old is the UK’s first non-white leader and the youngest person to take on the role in more than 200 years.
But for the purposes of this newsletter, we’re going to focus on his former life in finance.
Sunak’s early career reads like a typical Wall Street mogul:
-Spend three years working as a junior analyst at a bank (Goldman Sachs). Check.
-Get an MBA from a prestigious university; bonus points if you get a fancy scholarship. (Stanford; Fulbright Program). Check and check.
-Return to finance to work on the buy side (London-based activist hedge-fund TCI). Check.
-Join a startup hedge fund (Theleme Partners). Check.
That checklist seemingly points toward a long career in finance, but Sunak had different ideas. In 2015, he won a seat in the British parliament and the rest is history.
A politician who started their career on Wall Street might not seem all that surprising in the US, but it’s a bit of a novelty in the UK, at least at the highest of levels. Sunak is the first British PM with a background in hedge funds, according to Sky News
He’s also caught people’s attention for being extremely wealthy. Sunak and Akshata Murty, his wife and the daughter of Indian billionaire N. R. Narayana Murthy, have a combined net worth of roughly 730 million pounds.
In fact, Sunak is so rich that people are asking if he’s actually too wealthy to be PM. That’s the type of criticism I’d like to receive. 
Now, whether all that experience helps Sunak fix the dumpster fire that is the British economy remains to be seen. A report from iNews this June questioned the type of work Sunak did while at TCI, citing his lack of regulatory approvals.
But isn’t that what politics is all about? Talking a big game but never delivering when it matters.
And remember, if all else fails, there is always the head of lettuce.
In other news:
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