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TikTok users are finding out about their personality traits with the viral ‘rainforest test’ that’s doing the rounds on the app. Here’s everything you need to know about how to try it for yourself.
There have been a number of different personality tests to go viral on TikTok over the years, including anything from the human feeling quiz to the mental age test.
People love finding about their personality, their friends’ personalities, and their relationships, and although most online quizzes are just for fun, users still enjoy finding out what their results are.
The latest test to go viral on the app is the ‘rainforest test.’ The test took off on the platform after user Felecia For The Win uploaded a video explaining what it was, though it’s not clear where the test originated.
The question prompts you to “imagine that you’ve been on a long journey trying to find your way back home, and now you have to walk through a rainforest.”
You’re told that you have four animals with you, a cow, a horse, a lion, and a monkey, but judging by your food supply, you know that not all four animals will be able to make it out of the rainforest with you.
There are a number of other things that happen along your journey that mean you have to leave another animal behind, ultimately leading to you leaving the forest with just one of the animals.
According to this test, the animal that you leave with tells you something about your personality. For example, if you leave the forest with the lion, it means you’re the protector in your friend group, and someone who likes to protect your energy.
Of course, the test is just for fun, but users have loved comparing their results with each other in the comment section.
If you want to try the test for yourself, simply follow Felecia For The Win’s video describing the test, and then check out the second part where you can find your results.
This test is similar to one that previously went viral on TikTok, the ‘strawberry question,’ where users asked their partners a series of questions about a strawberry field.


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