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A TikTok chef has drawn in some controversy after air-frying live crabs in a recent video that went viral.
TikTokers go viral each and every day for a myriad of reasons from viral dance videos, to fast food mishaps, and so much more.
Now, a popular chef on TikTok has garnered tons of attention in the latest controversy on the social media app for cooking crabs in a potentially unethical way.
Chef Blake is a seafood chef from New Orleans. As she has been attempting to grow her audience on TikTok, she posted a video on September 29 that ended up causing some backlash.
In the video, Chef Blake placed seafood and live crabs into an air fryer using her signature flavoring.
As she placed the three crabs into the pot that would eventually go into the air fryer, the crustaceans attempted to run for their lives moments before they met their firey end.
Although it was believed for a long time that crabs couldn’t feel pain due to their lack of a central nervous system. However, a study conducted in 2021 revealed that crabs, lobsters, and octopuses do in fact feel pain.
Users in the comment section were horrified that Blake air fried the crabs while they were still alive. One user said, “Why do this whilst they’re alive? Eat meat whatever, but to cause such awful suffering is disgusting.”
Another added, “She’s f*cking roasting crabs to death, that’s nuts.”
Although many people enjoy eating seafood, there are still humane techniques to kill crustaceans that are still going unused.


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