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A viral TikTok joked it’s cold in the morning in Texas but then summer returns in the afternoon. 
Almost everybody knows in Central Texas that summer temperatures don’t really leave us until about January. One TikToker recently went viral for pointing out how cold it is in the morning but then the hot weather creeps back up in the afternoon.
Earlier this month, TikToker user @rodnoe_12 posted a video of him taking off his jacket while playing the sound that had words saying, “the summer is here again.” He also wrote in the clip, “all of texas at 1 in the p.m.”
“and it’ll be 60 in the morning,” the TikToker put as his caption of the clip, which has received more than 698,000 views and around 254,000 likes as of Thursday, October 20.
In the comments, many people agreed with him. Gracie Morris wrote, “We go through all four seasons in one day.”
Keren said, “And then I get all sweaty if I wear a hoodie.”
“It went from 40° to 72° today,” emily said.
He’s not wrong. According to the National Weather Service, sunny skies are in the forecast for the rest of the week with a few clouds returning mainly in the morning hours on the weekend in the San Antonio and Austin area. However, temperatures will warm back to above average for most areas during the day, the National Weather Service said.
So, for now, just keep that sweater in your car.
Watch the TikTok below:
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