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MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) – A Florida farmer who is viral on TikTok with over 344,000 followers visited the 44th Sunbelt Ag Expo on Wednesday.
Randy the Farmer creates TikTok videos from his family’s farm in Malone, Fla.
“We showcase what we do on a farm. We grow peanuts and cotton. We try to document what we do from day to day,” Randy said. “We also have a YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook. We’re trying to bring awareness to what we do. We’re over half a million across all social media platforms.”
He said he got into content creation at an early age and got more into it as he grew up.
“Well, growing up I was always into making videos,” he said. “Watching the Motorcroft films that had the music in the backgrounds kind of trained how to get to that and kind of went from there. Got a camera and started filming me and my buddy. I’ve always been into music and incorporated it all, kind of having fun like that.”
For Randy, content creation is like a documentary of his life routines.
“It’s fun to be creative and film stuff and put it out there and letting other people see it. It’s also documenting what you’re doing. It’ll be cool to look at 20 years from now,” he said.
He also said his videos are not always about having fun, but about shedding a light on negative farmer stereotypes that he said aren’t true.
“My twin brother, we farmed together a little bit. He farms more than I do but the YouTube is more serious (and) helps bring more awareness to agriculture,” he said. “You know, we’re not out here trying to pollute the land, all the things that scare people or people think farmers are. It helps us shed light to different people in agriculture.”
At the Sunbelt Ag Expo, Randy got a chance to meet some of his fans. He said it was refreshing to see how many people recognized him.
“(It’s) super fun to meet fans. You know, you put videos out there and forget that actually people watch them sometimes. It’s cool to see actual people watching the content you put out there. It’s always cool to put a name to a face in the comments,” he said.
Along with creating TikTok videos, Randy said that he is releasing his first album called “Let’s Get Nuts.”
“I’ve been a musician since I was a little kid. We incorporate music into videos. We write little country jingles,” he said.
To see some of Randy the Farmer’s videos and learn more about him, click here.
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