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Frankie Alvarado knows that it takes a lot of hard work to remain healthy and in shape.
He played football, basketball and wrestled in high while growing up in Arizona, but didn’t fall in love with the world of fitness until he was an adult.
Today, Alvarado is a fitness trainer on social media that is famous for helping celebrities and models lean out while building bigger glutes.
“It all starts with a routine,” Alvarado says. “Most people are scared to begin something new. If you start with a few minutes a day, after a month, you’re able to progress with your workout.”
Alvarado’s popularity has grown on TikTok, @frankiealvarad0, where he has more than 700,000 followers.
He’s worked with Sarah Hyland from “Modern Family” and models Estrella Nouri, Jessica Nazarenus, Devin Brugman and Alexis Clark.
“I just came up on two years in Los Angeles and everything is going well,” he says. “I played sports all my life. I’ve always had personal trainers but I really didn’t know the sciences behind it all. I got my kinesiology certificate and two years of business school.”
At 18, he began to transform himself as a trainer and as a human, and worked at LA Fitness.
In 2020, when the pandemic hit, many gyms were forced to close, and Alvarado was let go.
A friend of Alvarado’s had just gone through a breakup, had body insecurity, and wanted to build muscle.
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Alvarado started training her and posting her results on TikTok. It paid off as she referred the entire Arizona State University dance team to him.
He became a master at helping dancers shape their physique.
By September 2020, he was in LA and started posting educational fitness videos on TikTok and client transformations.
With COVID restrictions in Los Angeles, gyms were still closed, and Alvarado pivoted to train clients in his backyard and at the park. He created dynamic workout programs to virtually train clients through his website, Peachgainz.com.
He also sells training equipment like ankle straps, booty bands and more. Now, Alvarado is ready to launch a workout app thanks to his TikTok popularity and higher-profile clients.
“When I start training women, I make sure to tell them that they are going to have to gain weight first,” he says. “This is what the fall and winter are good for. That’s how the booty grows. You need to put on weight so then once the new year starts, you start to lean out and shape your body.”
Alvarado makes sure to emphasize to his clients the difference between weightlifting and cardio.
He says weightlifting is to build muscle and to burn fat, whereas cardio is to burn calories.
“Someone who is struggling to gain weight should not have cardio in the routine,” he says. “Meanwhile, someone who is trying to lose weight should have cardio to burn the calories.”
5 booty building exercises
Frankie Alvarado says some of the best exercises to keep the booty in shape are:
• Single-leg hip thrusters (as well as barbell hip thrusters).
•Donkey kickbacks.
• Glute bridges.
• Glute ham raises.
•Kneeling thrusters.
Alvarado says all of the exercises can be done at home and if you can add in a band or dumbbell, that’s great.
“Do these exercises three times per week all while watching your calories and protein,” he says. “Then you can gradually increase the weight, frequency and number of repetitions. Consistency is key.”

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