Maine Man Goes Viral for Continuously Apologizing to His Wife on TikTok – NBC10 Boston

A man from Maine has gone viral on the internet just by apologizing to his wife… constantly.
The Leighton Show” has gone viral for the man, Leighton, describing all the times he’s had to apologize to his wife for various reasons. They range from the normal to the ridiculous — to the even more ridiculous.
Leighton has amassed millions of views while recapping how he tries to appease his wife.
“I went upstairs for the night without announcing it,” says Leighton in one of the videos.
“I applied the brakes in order to save our lives, but I underestimated the trauma the change in momentum would create for her,” he said. “I also used the kitchen the same day it was being cleaned once — but never again”
But it’s not always things that he has done, Leighton has had to apologize for things that happen on TV.
“A guy in a show we were watching cheated on his wife, and this led to a detailed explanation of what would happen to me in that situation,” he added.
The comments on his videos are a mixed bag, from people adding to the jokes to genuine concern for Leighton’s marriage.


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