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Oct. 17 2022, Published 4:40 p.m. ET
Content warning: This article discusses mature topics.
If there’s one place that has proven to be an incubator for all things trend-worthy online over the last few years, it’s TikTok. For better or worse, the platform has brought us some of the internet’s funniest, most emotional, controversial, and even outright cringe-worthy content over the last few years. Needless to say, that momentum isn’t slowing down any time soon.
The latest and greatest phrase to captivate users on TikTok seems to be “salty ice cream.” Well, what exactly does it mean? Get ready, because things are about to get a little NSFW.
It goes without saying that not everything that trends on TikTok is suitable for all ages, and the attention that “salty ice cream” has been getting as of late is a perfect example of an NSFW trend on the platform. According to Urban Dictionary, the full term, “salty ice cream scooper,” was first added to the website by Corey Miller on Sept. 21, 2007, and its definition is a bit … much, to say the very least.
Apparently, a “salty ice cream scooper” is “Any man or woman who consumes sperm left over for more than 2 days. Usually the sperm comes in flavors due to the donors taking sperm flavor tablets.” Yikes.
Naturally, those who have been reacting to the viral phrase on TikTok have been creating equally-as-viral videos of themselves shocked by the definition of the obscene term.
#DidYouYawn #viral #andGO #OverwatchMe #FlexEveryAngle #foruyou bffr?
A quick look at TikTok reveals that droves of users are equally as scarred by learning the definition of “salty ice cream.”
“Sometimes learning something new everyday is not needed in life,” wrote one user in response to discovering what the term means.
“Ummm, I suggest not doing that,” chimed in another user.
“I actually don’t regret searching it,” joked a third TikTok user.
We definitely could’ve gone our lives without knowing the definition of “salty ice cream,” but it’s just another day on the internet, right?
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