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If you are an avid TikToker, you might have come across the terms ‘rizz’ and ‘unspoken rizz.’ However, quite often, these Gen Z slangs and acronyms are quite tough to understand, and to keep up with the trend, people are curious about the term and where it came from.
The term was created by YouTuber and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, and it basically refers to the male’s ability to impress women. The Urban Dictionary also noted that it is a silent technique to attract women.
Also known as Game, the slang is more popular than ever on TikTok, as people cannot stop talking about it.
In July 2021, Kai Cenat launched his own Rizz Academy on stream, where he worked to help netizens improve their love lives by boosting their skills to woo the ladies. With the idea of helping these men practice, the YouTuber also welcomed a few women to help men get the game on.
According to Cenat, there are three forms of rizz – W, V and L. While W is the best, L is the worst and one that should be avoided. Simply put, L stands for ‘loss’ and W stands for a ‘win.’
Meanwhile, people are creating content to help others with their tips that can help them master this.
Additionally, according to the creator, unspoken rizz is rare and happens when a man has the ability to attract a woman only by his physical appearance. The creator states that when the man doesn’t even have to talk to manage to woo a girl, he has ‘game.’
People are also using hand gestures and giving the camera looks to show off their game in hopes of capturing the interests of some women.
Kai Cenat is a 21-year-old YouTuber who was born and brought up in New York. Mainly known for his on Instagram and YouTube, Cenat is famous for creating original meme-based comedy sketches. He started his social media accounts in 2017 and now has millions of followers on all the platform, combined
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The creator has an older brother, a younger brother, and a twin sister, who are all seen together on Kai’s channel. The YouTuber is known for the content where he gives men tips on how to woo women.
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