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Social media app TikTok is preparing to launch a podcast app. Podcast hosting company Audiomeans has told Podnews that it spotted a “new bot that is scraping our feeds, starting October 11”, and they’ve tracked it back to TikTok: more on the bots in our “Tech Stuff”, below.
A live show for UK politics podcast The Rest is Politics apparently sold out in seven minutes, says one of the podcast’s hosts.
Sada, a podcast forum in the UAE, returned earlier this month. We’ve some quotes from the event.
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Don’t Pay To Grow Your Audience — Heard.FM provides audience growth, 30 second in-app audio commercials promoting your podcast, and direct interaction with listeners. All at no cost to creators accepted onto the platform.
Veritonic has been approved as an attribution partner by Audioboom. Advertisers on more than 8,000 shows on Audioboom can now use Veritonic to optimise and increase their ROI.
Still with attribution, Podscribe has launched what they call independent, third-party attribution for advertising. The company already offers verification and reporting. (Independent? Third party? Both attribution companies Chartable and Podsights are owned by Spotify).
Advertising in fiction podcasts delivers 10x more conversions than not-fiction podcasts, according to a data point in Lauren Passell’s Podcast Marketing Magic newsletter. /ht Evo Terra
Social audio network LIZHI has added short audio clips to its platform.
Platformer reports on an abortion ad that was rejected by Spotify, then allowed after all.
In the Earbuds Podcast Collective this week, Jordan Gass-Poore’ chooses five podcast episodes from Climate Podcasts That’ll Change You.
More on those new TikTok RSS scrapers that Audiomeans spotted (above). The servers are in Singapore, with a range of IP addresses leading back to TikTok’s AS138699. The useragent being used is Go-http-client/1.1, the default useragent for a library used in the Go development language (which TikTok developers use). Podnews’s daily podcast is also seeing traffic from these IP ranges.
Documentation for the new podcast namespace is being suggested to be updated with proper mimetypes. For transcripts, application/srt is wrong; application/x-subrip is right – and for audio, audio/mp3 is wrong; audio/mpeg is right.
The Hive blockchain, which is used in Podping to send instant notifications of new shows and live streams, underwent a “hard fork” recently (but, as Brian from London posted, nothing broke).
The new Podcast namespace has had its licence made clearer: it’s CC0 v1.0.

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