The Man Who Confessed To Robbing Paris Hilton On TikTok – iHeartRadio

By John Popham
October 17, 2022
In 2007 Greg Brown and a friend were leaving a concert when Paris Hilton’s car pulled up to a nearby club. She went inside, leaving the car unlocked and her sunglasses vulnerable.
Fifteen years later in a TikTok confession he didn’t think Hilton would see, Brown retells the story of how he and his friend, after having too much to drink during the concert, explored the socialite’s SUV before running off with a pair of her Christian Dior sunglasses.
Well, she did see it, and filmed a reaction video that hit over 31 million views at the time of writing. Luckily for Brown, Hilton was a good sport about the swiped sunglasses and even had him on the latest episode of her podcast This Is Paris.
“Oh my god they look so good on you,” Paris said to Brown, who put the glasses on for the call. “It was so funny, and I was dying when I saw (the TikTok).”
Hilton said she got a Google alert because the video mentioned her by name. She had just been talking to a friend about how she is constantly getting robbed and thought Brown’s story was so funny she had to post her reaction to the confession.
Brown and his boyfriend had just finished recording an episode of their podcast Sidenote by Asapscience, when the texts came pouring in. What was once a story he told at parties has now become a kind of relic among his friends.
“Everywhere I go people are like, ‘Where are the sunglasses?’” he said laughing.
“Aw see I can’t take them back that would be so messed up,” Hilton said. “I would feel horrible about it for the rest of my life.”
The American media personality joked that Brown was the original bling ring, a group of teenagers that burgled Hilton’s home several times in 2008 and 2009. The group ended up stealing millions of dollars in jewels and clothes.
Listen to “This is…the Man Who Robbed Me” to hear the full conversation between Hilton and Brown. This Is Paris releases new episodes weekly and is one of the most unpredictable celebrity podcasts out there.
She has interviewed Anna Delvey, Iggy Azalea, Deepak Chopra, and more. Hilton will also talk about what she is up to in her personal life, whether it’s visiting the White House to advocate for the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act or DJing at Burning Man. Find her podcast on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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