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Aussies on a $57,000 salary would need more than 121 million views on TikTok in order to ditch their day job and become a full-time influencer, new analysis has revealed.
Not a fan of TikTok? No worries; it would take you 10,452,159 views on YouTube to achieve the same result, or 126 sponsored posts on Instagram.
Music licensing platform Lickd has created a calculator that allows people to calculate exactly how many followers, views and posts it would take for individuals to earn the same amount of money that they’re currently earning, as an influencer.
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For instance, Aussies on an $80,000 salary would need to have more than 164 million TikTok views in a single year – or 187 sponsored Instagram posts, or 14.5 million YouTube views – to make the same from the platforms as they make in their day job.
Lickd CEO Paul Sampson said the influencer industry was “growing exponentially,” pointing out that there are 22,000 Google searches for ‘how to become an influencer’ every month.
“Many now dream of making social media their full-time job,” he said. “However, maintaining a brand is no 9-to-5; it takes a lot of passion, dedication and time. You can't conjure up thousands of loyal followers overnight,” he said.
The new calculator highlights how popular people need to be before social media creators can see significant returns.
The earnings of social media influencers and content creators will vary depending on which platform and what niche they primarily use, but there are a few ground rules.
On YouTube, you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers to start monetising your videos, and creators can expect to earn $5.50 per thousand views, according to Lickd.
Meanwhile, it’s estimated that you’ll need at least 5,000 Instagram followers before you can start earning money from the platform, typically $460 per sponsored post – though this can rapidly rise to around $921 per post when you hit 10,000 followers. Those with six-figure followers can earn more than $5,000 per post.
The standards on TikTok are higher; people will need 10,000 followers and more than 10,000 views in the last 30 days to be part of their partnership program, the TikTok Creator Fund.
“It’s estimated that users with a notable following can earn between two and three cents per 1,000 views, so it’s clear that to make any serious money here, you’re going to need a viral hit on your hands,” Lickd said in a blog post.
To calculate how many followers, views or sponsored posts you would need to match your current salary, Lickd’s calculator is available here.
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