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It’s officially fall, which means you’ve probably started (or already finished) decorating your home for the season. Odds are you’ve decked out your space in the standard warm, neutral colors with the same fall decor, but autumn is more than pumpkins and shades of brown. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with what you know, but there are several decor styles you might not have even considered. In fact, most recently, TikTok has been abuzz with new fall home decor trends to try out. While some may seem unexpected, as you learn more, you might come to find they actually suit you.
Dressing your home in the same color palette grows a bit tiresome after a while, and with so many decor styles to choose from, there’s no reason not to venture outside your comfort zone. Stone Gable recommends using the 80/20 rule, which states 80% of the room should be decorated in a new style, and the other 20% can remain styled in whatever way you typically gravitate. This can apply to all styles, including these new TikTok decor trends. Let’s dive right in and see how to adapt them to your home.

One of the latest TikTok trends is wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy that embraces the imperfect along with the belief that nothing lasts forever, according to Biofilico. “Wabi” means rustic simplicity, which heavily influences the rustic decor style. TikTok creator auvellehome shares her wabi-sabi styling tips, suggesting that, to achieve the look in your own home, you’ll want to find pieces with a rough, yet simplistic design and texture. Choose items that look like they’ve been around for decades, if not longer. The more weathered the piece looks, the better. 
Additionally, earthy and natural elements can really enhance this decor style. The best way to understand this idea is to picture yourself walking through a forest and stumbling across an old, worn-down property. What would you find? Perhaps, you’d discover vases and other decorative items covered with a patina (rust, scratches, corrosion). The key here is to look for pieces that you wouldn’t otherwise use in a more classic design style. Remember, in wabi-sabi, imperfections are always welcome.

A blend of minimalism and natural influences, modern organic is a favorite TikTok decor trend of the season. This aesthetic is great for those who like a clean, modern style, but don’t want their space looking too sterile, per jordansamsondesign (via TikTok). With all the clean lines and white walls that comprise the standard modern style, there’s a very thin line between feeling like a home and feeling like a hospital. With modern organic, you get the best of both worlds by combining industrial forms and natural influences, according to CB2
Modern organic is all about introducing warm hues and natural textures into a space, while still maintaining the minimalism that is the foundation of the modern home. The warmth of the modern organic color palette (shades of browns, creams, and taupes) transforms your space from sterile to cozy. To complete the look, stick with earthy, natural materials like wood, stone, bamboo, and rattan, and watch as you instantly create a space overflowing with inviting comfort.

The Japandi style of decor for the home is created by merging together elements of Japanese wabi-sabi and Scandinavian hygge, according to Graham and Green. This design scheme is all about combining the warm contentment of Scandinavia with the sleek functionality of Japan. In other words, Japandi is minimalism with a twist. According to TikTok user studiobrie, this scheme incorporates some of the principles of the wabi-sabi style we discussed earlier, such as the use of imperfections. When designing your space with Japandi in mind, don’t be afraid to use a lot of timber. Wood should be the primary element of the room, so opt for it when it comes to the walls, the ceilings, and the hardwood floors
The Japandi color palette is all about warm, earthy neutrals, meaning it’s crucial to steer clear of bright or bold hues. If you want to add a degree of color, gear towards clay, dark timbers, or earthy greens. For decor, handmade and organic pieces are the way to go. Embracing natural materials and textures is the thing to keep in mind when shopping around for inspiration.


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