Hot female electricians light up TikTok: 'I think my sockets needs changing' – New York Post

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These sexy “sparkies” are electrifying the internet.
TikTok is fawning over female electricians who are lighting up the app with their good looks and girl power — confidently carving out their own space in the male-dominated industry.
TikTok user @isabellmcguire0, who hails from the UK, has become a megawatt star after sharing a video of herself dancing to Akon’s raunchy rap track “Smack That” at a work site earlier this week.
In the clip, the self-described “sparky” (a British slang term for electrician) was seen stripping off her dusty hoodie while wiring a house. She subsequently showed off her body in a crop top and cargo pants as she writhed to the rap.
“Suddenly my lights aren’t working,” one person quipped beneath the viral video, which racked up a whopping 10.7 million views.

“I think my plug socket needs changing,” another male admirer cooed.
But sparks were also flying with female viewers, many of whom praised McGuire for proudly flaunting the fact she was in a traditionally male line of work.
“You slay girl,” one woman wrote, before a second chimed in: “I have a similar job to yours and sometimes I feel soo insecure… but when I see girls on TikTok with worker clothes I feel so happy. You look so hot.”
On Thursday, McGuire uploaded a second viral video from the work site, which clocked up more than 1.8 million views and showed her clad in construction boots and an eye-popping pink crop top.

However, she’s far from the first female electrician to go viral on TikTok for showing off her glamorous appearance.
Bethany Andrews, 24, @beth_electrical, has raked up more than a million video views on the app with clips showing her working with wires while wearing a full face of make-up.
The brunette beauty receives hundreds of comments from viewers who similarly gush over her good looks and trade skills.
? #electrician #femaleelectrician #breakthebias
However, in real life, Andrews told Caters that she’s been underestimated by “sexist” colleagues and clients.
“I’ve had customers doubt my ability,” she said. “When I diagnose a fault and tell them the outcome, they say they want a second opinion. I don’t know if it’s because I’m female or that I’m young — or both?”
Andrew says she has a “thick skin” and is “not bothered” by the skepticism, adding that her social media accounts have helped rewire people’s perceptions about female electricians.
“I’ve been getting messages from other women saying I’ve inspired them to get into the trade which is so heartwarming,” she said.
#electrician #bluecollarbabes
Closer to home, another sizzling sparky is also shining a bright light on female empowerment in the profession.
“Karly the Sparky” is a Canadian TikToker who’s clocked up a staggering 6.3 million video likes by bringing viewers along to her work sites and showing them how she powers up homes and offices.
“You bring light into everyone’s houses and hearts,” one man commented on one of Karly’s recent videoes, which featured the hashtag “Blue collar babe.”


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