An Iconic Lip Color Is Finding New Life On TikTok, Just In Time For Fall – The List

We’re amazed by how much influence TikTok has on the beauty world. Between the top five beauty brands on TikTok and the TikTok makeup-blending trend you have to try, more and more makeup enthusiasts have turned to that video-focused app for tips and advice regarding beauty. Fall is an excellent time to look for new makeup suggestions and products, as this is the time of year when most people trade more carefree, light summer looks for darker and more dramatic makeup.
We weren’t surprised that there are more than 850,000 posts related to #FallMakeup on Instagram — which also has a significant influence on the beauty industry — and that many of those posts involve unique lip colors. While people often opt to flaunt their natural lips during the summer season between all the pool days and beach trips and prefer to use moisturizing balms and products during the drying winter season, fall is the prime time for exploring dark or bolder lipsticks and glosses. For instance, Clinique’s beloved Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is an excellent fall choice. Now, this popular lip color is available in gloss form, too — the Clinique Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss in Black Honey Pop — and TikTok is obsessing over it.

Clinique’s Black Honey Lipstick features a dark yet subtle hue, perfect for the fall season, so it’s no surprise that people are excited that now there’s an option for anyone who prefers lip glosses over lipsticks. So many TikTok videos popped up when we searched “black honey lip gloss” on TikTok, as beauty enthusiasts are ultra-eager to experiment with the product and share their opinions. One TikToker who referred to herself as a “black honey expert” in her caption tried on the lipgloss over the lipstick and said, “This color is just so sexy. It’s definitely more pigmented than the original, but it still has that gorgeous berry tone” (via TikTok).
Furthermore, another TikToker who tried the product said, “I love this… it’s supposed to have that like ’90s kind of dark red look, and it’s giving,” per TikTok. In the comments, someone expressed excitement, writing, “IT’S SUCH A CUTE COLOR ON U, I NEED IT RN,” and another person wrote, “it looks so good on u.” Thus, TikTok is obsessed with this lipgloss, but what do reviewers have to say on Clinique’s website?
The product has 3.9 out of five stars on Clinique’s site, with a 78% recommendation rate. While one disappointed reviewer thought the gloss was too shiny instead of creamy, a happy customer wrote, “Let me tell you I have loved black honey for years! It’s an amazing shade, and this gloss way exceeded my expectations. … It’s a winner!”


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