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If you’ve scrolled through TikTok before, you may have noticed the automated voice that sometimes accompanies captions. This feature is called text-to-speech, and it’s a great way to add some additional context to your videos, use a voiceover if you’re not comfortable narrating yourself, and more.
If you’re looking for new TikTok video ideas, incorporating text-to-speech into some of your content may be the perfect addition to your strategy.
Throughout this article, we’ll walk you through exactly how to add text-to-speech to your TikTok videos, then share 10 incredible examples that you can easily draw from for your own content.

Text-to-speech is an accessibility feature that allows TikTok creators to add an automated voice to read off written-out captions. Not only does it allow users with vision impairments to join in on the fun, but it can also add a new edge to your video content.
Here’s an example of a TikTok video using the text-to-speech function:

The initial introduction to the video is typed out in a caption, then read out by one of the voice options. However, there’s no other talking, just a song playing over the film. It lets the actual video content stand out more, while still providing some sort of explanation.
There are many ways to utilize text-to-speech on TikTok, but first, let’s cover exactly how to access this feature.
If you’re ready to add your own text-to-speech to your TikTok video, follow along with this quick step-by-step:
It’s an extremely simple process—just make sure you’ve proofread your captions, chosen the best voice, and you’re done!
Curious how you might want to use this feature? We’ve got ten great examples that showcase how brands just like yours are already taking advantage of TikTok text-to-speech.
Language app Duolingo is famous on TikTok, creating funny videos that star their owl mascot Duo. In fact, they’re notorious for some of the wild content they’ve posted on the micro-video app.
They’ve also recently launched a Duolingo-sponsored Roblox game. Roblox is an online gaming platform that also allows users to create their own games. Duolingo worked with a Roblox game creator in order to make their own online game, bringing even more brand awareness to the app.
To promote their new game, they published a funny video on TikTok with a mini tour:

However, they decided to utilize the text-to-speech feature to narrate as they did a mini game walkthrough—and the narration is anything but serious. This use of text-to-speech is incredibly on brand for them, but it’s also extremely entertaining.
Consider how you can utilize this feature to add some humor or comedic relief to your TikTok videos.
Starbucks is a world-renowned coffee shop that probably didn’t need an introduction, but here you have one anyways. They share a mixture of content on their TikTok, from menu changes to humorous videos to user-generated content.
They more often than not have people in their videos doing the talking, but they’ve also utilized the text-to-speech feature in a handful of videos as a great way to introduce what the video is about.
For example, take a look at this video, where two women are making Starbucks cup-inspired tie-dye shirts:

There is music throughout the video, but the only two bits of text are at the beginning, introducing what the video is about, and at the end to close it off. It’s simple and effective, especially if you don’t want to do the voiceover yourself.
The Sill is an online plant shop with retail stores in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. They sell educational content about plant care as well as humorous videos that plant parents can easily relate to.
This video below is a great example of their funny, relatable content (at least to those of us who love plants):

It’s a quick 10-second video where the text-to-speech part is the star of the show, and the person in the video is simply reacting to the words.
This goes to show that your text-to-speech videos don’t always have to be something in-depth. Find something funny to have it say, then have your video on in the background to add some more to it.
The Positive Piece is a small business that sells cute puzzles, rather than some of the generic and boring ones we often see in stores. Most of their content centers around showcasing some of their puzzle options and watching puzzle-in-progress shots.
The business owner narrates many of their videos, but they took a chance to utilize the text-to-speech for this video below:

In this video, they’re using text-to-speech for a basic introduction, before leading into the music and showing the puzzle get completed. This is a great way to use this feature, especially if you’re really just wanting the video itself to steal the show.
Lulu’s is an online clothing boutique that shares a lot of content with outfit ideas, seasonal clothing to buy, and other similar videos. They almost exclusively use music-only audio, with rare voiceovers or talking sound bytes.
However, they decided to hop on a trend, incorporating text-to-speech in the following video:

Many people have done videos with the “What I ordered versus what I got” theme or sound byte, showcasing what the product photo looks like compared to a completely different (and often cheap or unusable) product they actually received.
However, Lulu’s decided to take advantage of this by sharing a user-generated video that showcases the actual product looking identical to the product photo (as it should). The text-to-speech is only used for that iconic line, then it leads into a song for the rest of the video.
Sephora is a popular makeup company with retail stores all over the world, as well as the option to buy from their website online. They share product information, makeup and skincare tips, makeup looks, and more on their TikTok feed.
They take turns between having someone on camera, having a voiceover narrate, or using the text-to-speech. Here’s an example of how they decided to take advantage of text-to-speech:

This feature is great for basic narrations, so using it to show off the top fragrances in the store is a simple but clever strategy.
Linda Tong Planners is a small planner business that has blown up thanks to TikTok. The business owner shares order packaging videos, planner layouts, online planners that work well with her physical planners, and more.
She often narrates her own videos, but she decided to use the text-to-speech option in this video below:

POV stands for point-of-view, and is a popular video trend. But one great part of using the text-to-speech for this copy is that the automated voice mispronounces “POV,” saying it instead as a word rather than an initialism.
This provides a fun bit of comedic relief, and you’ll often see people use the text-to-speech feature to see how it pronounces various words, acronyms, and initialisms.
Nike is one of the most well-known running shoe and athletic wear stores in the world, so it’s no surprise that they’ve put together a great presence on TikTok. They often share videos of professional athletes or clips from sports games. However, they also rope pro athletes in to film content for them as well.
Here’s a great example of that below:

In this video, they did a mixture of text-to-speech narration and letting the people in the video talk. This is a great way to provide some context for the video while still letting those being recorded make the bigger impact.
At Home is a home decor superstore that is easy to get lost inside. They share lots of videos of the products they’re selling in store as well as some humorous videos about throw pillows and other popular home decor items.
They used the text-to-speech feature in this creative video:

They chose to use text-to-speech rather than any other voiceover narration to share what different wall art means for the person who would buy it and place it in their home—though a bit facetiously.
This type of video is a great way to promote your products but also have some fun with it and entertain your audience.
Flaire & Co. is a small jewelry business that shares affordable but high-quality jewelry. Their TikTok feed focuses both on sharing product clips as well as the business owner answering questions and sharing information about the business.
This video was made in response to a comment on a previous video:

They used text-to-speech as the narration throughout the video while also showing off the quality of the jewelry. Since this business owner often has videos with her voice, this is a great way to break up the feed with a different voice.
Start ramping up your TikTok strategy by incorporating videos that use the text-to-speech feature. Learn even more about growing your TikTok following and selling products using TikTok shopping. TikTok can be a gamechanger for your brand if you get creative enough.
The text-to-speech feature can be accessed after using the Type tool to type out a caption or message. Once you’ve input your text, tap on it again to access “Text-to-speech” option.
Using text-to-speech can be a great way to add voiceover or narrative if you don’t want to use your actual voice. It can also add some comedic relief to your content. Plus, it makes sure that someone who may not be able to read the captions can still understand the content.
You can add narration to a TikTok video in one of two ways: using text-to-speech (which we’ve outlined here) or by adding a voiceover. If you tap the down arrow in the sidebar menu with options for editing your video then scroll down, you’ll be able to access the voiceover option where you can record your own narration.
Once you tap the “Text-to-speech” option on your text, a menu will pop up with a number of different voice options (and even singing or musical options) for your text-to-speech copy.
TikTok had previously used voice actor Beverly Standing’s voice without her permission. After she sued them, they changed one of the North American voice options to one they had permission to use.
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