Little Boy's Adorable Reaction to Trying a Lemon for the First Time Goes Viral on TikTok – Parade Magazine

Mother of four Kara Woodhouse recently introduced her son to lemons, and like many toddler moms, she shared his reaction with her TikTok followers.
The young boy's adorable demeanor and polite reaction to the slice of tart citrus quickly went viral, garnering 6.7 million views since it was shared earlier this week. 
He stood next to the stove in the kitchen, a younger girl toddling up next to him, as his mother asked, "You want lemon?" He eyed the fruit in her hand curiously, smiling as she handed it over and thanking her before taking a tiny bite. 
"Oh, I like it!" he told her, a big grin spreading across his face.
"Do you?! Mom asked him, clearly surprised.
"Yeah!" But when he dove in for a bigger bite, you could see the moment he realized his mistake. His whole body shook as his face scrunched up in response to the sudden hit of sour flavor. 
But he quickly recovered. "I don't like it," he said softly as he changed his mind, reaching out to hand the lemon back to his mother. 
"I like it 😁 I don’t like it 😵‍💫," one viewer reenacted with emojis. 
Many related to his indecisiveness, with comments like "This is how fast I change my mind about everything," and "My decision making." 
"When I decided to go out with with friend and when I am actually out with friends," one compared it to.
"the first day in a relationship be like 😂😂," joked another. 
Others couldn't get over his tame reaction, considering how many toddlers resort to tantrums. 
"What lovely manners young man," one wrote.
"😂😂😂😂😂 hes so polite and cute," said another.
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