I’m a plus-size model – trolls say I’ll die before 40 but I know I’m hot and fat… – The US Sun

A BODY positive influencer has shut down trolls after they made rude comments about her weight online.
The plus size model and TikToker, who goes by the username "thegiannaschiller," has built her brand on loving the skin she's in.
With 217,000 supporters and 4.8million likes on the app, Gianna's followers look forward to hearing her daily affirmations.
Although Gianna spreads love, she is often targeted by rude comments that try to break down her confidence.
Reminding her followers that she doesn't let the hate get to her, she posted a video on her account eating pasta and dancing the negativity away.
Gianna captioned it: "I'm here for a good time, not a long time. Stay mad h8ers."
The text overlay said: "If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I'll be [skull emoji] before 40 if I don't lose weight."
The post garnered over 2,400 likes and several comments.
Her followers were quick to support her new video and left some encouraging comments.
One comment read: "Ahaha stay mad haters hhaa"
Another person asked: "Do people only say this to you online? I can’t imagine anyone actually saying this out loud to another person!"
That's when Gianna revealed: "Nah they never have audacity in person."
Flooded with mostly love, many comments Gianna saw in her other videos display the strong connection she has with her supporters.
A recent post about low back dresses on plus size gowns was a hit, with commenters quick to tell her how stunning she looked in the clip.
"Justice for the low back dresses on plus size gowns," Gianna wrote.
"I'm sorry but that is some tasty delicious cinnamon rolls back there, I'm not covering mine up ok."
In one of her transition videos, she displays herself in a laid-back outfit in the beginning.
She then edits the visual to show her dressed in a sexy outfit with her hair curled and makeup done flawlessly.
She captioned the post: "I'm not shy, I'm fat and hot."
With 44,000 likes and 370 comments, most of her followers fell in love with her transformation.
One of her followers compared her to a "goddess."
Another person wrote: "You’re so beautiful and flawless, keep up the body positivity I'm obsessed.
"Sending positive vibes."
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