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Libs of TikTok, the hate account created by Chaka Raichik, has been suspended twice from Twitter in the last two weeks and at least twice in the past, yet the company continues to play footsie with this far-right extremist’s account instead of banning it. 
Raichik regularly engages in tactics that experts suggest are similar to stochastic terrorism through the Libs of TikTok account, which inspires her followers to threaten the people she targets, most recently placing facilities that provide gender-affirming care on lockdown.
Raichik claims to be holding a mirror up to leftists and liberals, showing society their radical agenda, when the account is just a collection of right-wing garbage encompassing conspiracy theories, homophobia, transphobia, and racism.
Here are some of Libs of TikTok’s most recent awful takes.
Libs of TikTok claims to hold up a mirror to society, but clearly, the cruelty is the point.
Kids are drawn to shiny things, first of all. And secondly, the entire thing about drag queens is a certain tuck, which means there was nothing there for a kid to feel.
Imagine being outraged about safe and informative resources about sexual health being made available to young people who otherwise might engage in risky, uneducated behavior.
And the quick escape feature is a harmless privacy tool that prevents getting outed.
The author of The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish ;is popular among the conservative outrage machine. This week, Marco Rubio obsessed over her in a campaign ad leading to this incredible video clapback collaboration with GLAAD.
All we see here is a supportive bulletin board. Nothing else.
Conservatives seem to be really offended and threatened by the use of a particular part of speech: the pronoun.
A teacher is teaching their students at an early age to normalize nonbinary identities. So what’s wrong with that?
Libs of TikTok often cross-promotes and amplifies far-right bigot Matt Walsh’s content, and the two feed off one another.
A library observing Banned Books Week? Scandalous! 
One of Libs of TikTok’s favorite pastimes is trying to doxx and get people who support LGBTQ+ kids fired by making them seem like they’re conspiring to keep secrets from parents or force a nefarious agenda on others.
Another tactic that Libs of TikTok employs is gaslighting. The account would have one believe that having an open and affirming conversation with a young trans person is in some way a bad thing.
Libs of TikTok engages in tactics that experts say are categorized as stochastic terrorism. The account hyper-focused on gender-affirming care programs at children’s hospitals across the country, leading to some having to go on lockdown. 
Nothing at all is wrong with having someone advocate for a patient. These advocates exist in hospitals under various names and for several patient needs.
Chaya Raichik has a following of 1.4 million on her Libs of TikTok account, and she has a lot to say when invited on to far right-wing propaganda shows on Newsmax and Fox News. But she sure works hard never to be seen personally.
This doctor is looking out for their patient and treating them with respect. What’s objectionable here?
No matter how often conservative extremists insist that it’s pornographic, the book Gender Queer: A Memoir is just that, a coming-of-age memoir.
Conservative puritans seemingly conflate age-appropriate, accessible, and digestible material involving human sexuality with seedy, raunchy porno prose.
The ultra-MAGA crowd can’t accept the use of pronouns despite their leader having “the best words.”
Imagine making fun of somebody because they showed emotions when their identity was ignored. Unfortunately, to many Republicans, they’re just words because they can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes.
Again, no matter how often you want it to be porn, this book might be gay, but it’s not porn.
Babies are passed around like hotcakes whenever a fresh one is nearby. That’s just the rule of babies. The kid seems fine to us.
Here’s the rub: Libs of TikTok claims to want to hold that mirror up to society in the name of children, but this post is illustrative of the kind of racism Libs of TikTok stokes.
Presumably, when Libs of TikTok has kids of her own, she will shield them from all situations and sources of media that could contain adult content.
In June, a group of Patriot Front radicals was arrested in Idaho on their way to a Pride event. Libs of TikTok had tweeted in advance of the event and seemingly inspired the various groups of detractors to head to the location for the Pride celebration. She’s also inspired Proud Boys to appear at many events. But hey, how could she have known, right?
Here is an example of the kind of terrorism Libs of TikTok brings to its targets. This hospital was the victim of a Libs of TikTok-inspired and -amplified hate campaign directed at its gender-affirming care program.
To nobody’s surprise, the institution had to take down its website to protect patients and providers from abuse.


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