Meet the Principals of TikTok: 2022 Edition – Education Week

The video-sharing app TikTok isn’t going away anytime soon, and if anything, it’s growing in influence in and out of the classroom.
Educators and school leaders turn to social media not only to connect with their K-12 communities but to share their missions and insights on the profession.
Two years ago, we showcased several school leader creators on TikTok, and now even more educators are flocking to the platform to share advice, laughs, or just show off their school spirit.

Here are 6 fun principal follows to check out next time you’re scrolling through TikTok.

This principal uses TikTok to share authentic glimpses into his personal life as a self-proclaimed “embarrassing dad” and an avenue to show his K-12 community how he’s advocating for them behind the scenes.

Her handle says it all. She leverages her TikTok to speak directly to her teachers and to support them, whether it’s getting them supplies from her wish list or sharing words of encouragement.

We’ve brought you a rundown of a typical day in the life of a principal before, but @principal_mommy invites everyone to join her as she tackles a busy day as an early childhood principal. Follow her for unfiltered advice for other school leaders and friendly reminders that even principals live for the weekend.

This middle school assistant principal isn’t afraid to use TikTok to boost school culture. She even turns to the platform for inspiration, hopping on popular trends to spread some joy. She doesn’t do it alone, though; she’s sure to bring her AP bestie along for the fun.

This elementary school principal is known to get the whole school involved in his TikToks, and uses the videos to connect with his students. Follow him for a humor-filled look at how principals are surviving and thriving this school year.

Principals looking for #relatable content or a safe space to vent? Look no further than @average_prinicipal. She uses her page to answer questions or comments, to share more of her perspective and advice, and to support other principals.
See how school leaders are using social media at an upcoming Education Week K-12 Forum on October 13th, Effective Communication for School Leaders. Learn more and register.


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