A TikTok At Vancouver Airport Shows How Cats Travel On Planes & Pet Owners Are Heated (VIDEO) – Narcity Canada

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People are calling for "justice for cats."
Cat in the belly of an airplane. Right: Vancouver airport.
A Vancouver Airport worker is on TikTok showing what it's like to work on the runway, load bags, and take care of people's pets that are put in the belly of the airplane.
Pet owners are going off in the comments of one video, showing how cats travel on airplanes. The video shows two cats in separate crates, loaded into the plane and strapped in, and people had a lot to say about it.
The airport worker, known as @djsugue on TikTok, posts videos frequently about the reality of work, and a few of them show how pets are loaded onto the airport. The TikToker shows how they take care of the pets, giving them water and some love.
While the comment section of the video showing how dogs are loaded didn't get as heated, cat owners did not hold back.
One commenter said, "And kids get to stay in the cabin?? Justice for cats."
"Cats are cuter and make less noise," someone replied.
A few people actually took issue with children being allowed in the plane cabin, as opposed to their fur babies.
"I can't understand why children are allowed to be in the cabin and cats are not always allowed," someone else said.
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"It must be so scary. I could never put my cat in cargo," one person wrote.
Some owners are even willing to drop some extra cash so their cat can sit right next to them up above in the cabin.
"I'd just buy it another seat on the plane ngl."
Others cancelled their travel plans altogether because of it.
"My family and I thought about going to live to another country and we couldn't because of our pets. I can't even imagine sending them like this."
The common sentiment in the comments was that owners were not fans of the travel conditions, and many thought it was downright "so sad."
@djsugue also has other videos of other pets on the plane and at the airport, showing owners what happens when they part with their pups too.
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