TikTok reveals how remote worker dodged boss' call during a flight – New Zealand Herald

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The 'Wolf of WFH' had to think fast when his boss requested a meeting. Photo / 123rf
A remote worker went viral for sharing a tricky situation he faced after attempting to travel on a workday.
The British man, who posts under the account name @mrbrotein, shared a video on TikTok which has been watched more than 3 million times.
In the video, the self-described ‘Wolf of WFH’ is seen sitting on a plane, with a neck pillow strapped around his chin and a guilty expression. He then cuts to a shot of the rest of the plane and the view outside the window as it prepares to take off.
“When you’re working from home and your manager invites you to a meeting in 30 minutes,” reads the video’s on-screen text.
“Wifi problems,” reads the accompanying video caption, hinting at how he got out of taking the meeting.
Viewers had similar ideas of how to get out of taking a meeting during inopportune times.
Many commenters also took advantage of “work from home” flexibility and suggested ways to avoid similar situations.
“INTERNET IS DOWN. I’m traveling to a new location,” one person offered.
“Text your boss right now, say you have 2% battery left and there is a power outage in your area,” another wrote.
One person said filling the calendar with fake meetings during a travel day would stop other people trying to get in touch, while another said he should use a ‘green screen’ feature to change the background.
A more responsible worker suggested he take personal days off or sick days when travelling.
Others noted how relatable the situation was.
“This happened to me on the way to Hawaii so i didnt answer and it turns out they were laying me off in two weeks. lol,” wrote one viewer.
“Who would have thought 5 years ago that this would be relatable,” another wrote.
LinkedIn’s official UK account joined in the joking, commenting, “2022 corporate stress.”
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