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This father knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to peeling apples.

It's officially autumn, which means it's time to make some delicious apple pie, but sometimes the tedium of peeling the apples can make you hesitate. 
Well, not anymore, according to one father who found the perfect hack! TikTok user @alidecosmo took to her account to post a video of her dad peeling away at some apples, and it left us all saying, "Why didn't we think of that?" 

In the video, which she captioned, "Papa doesn't have time for hand peeling," her dad can be seen attaching a red apple to the end of a drill before turning it on and running it along an apple peeler. The apple skin fell right off and into the trash, and her father looked up smiling, seemingly proud of his creation. We would be, too! 

"My dads a genius," the text read over the video. 
Many people took to the comments to mention how brilliant her dad was for thinking of the idea. 

One TikTok user wrote, "Work smarter not harder🙌🏻Genius💕" 
Another commented, "Power tools make everything better." 

Someone else commented on how happy he looks, along with his wife, who is also featured in the video, smiling at her husband's creation. "The pure joy in his face!" they wrote. "And she's in the back all smiles too happy for him 🥰"
Other users also came up with the clever idea to do this with other foods, with one writing, "The way I'm actually going to try this with potatoes." 

Another user mentioned, "Thanksgiving mashed potatoes are going to be so easy this year!"

So a huge "thank you" is in order for this father for giving us all the genius idea to peel our apples and potatoes with a drill. Here's to fall treats becoming easier to make! 
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