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An Australian mom has revealed the rules and requirements she has set for her daughter’s partners, with one controversial topic dividing people online.
Gold Coast-based mother of two, Kat Clark took to TikTok to share her top five rules for anyone looking to date her children, Latisha, 19, and Déjà, 11, in the future.
“My daughter is on a date now and a lot of people have asked me what are your rules around dating for your children,” said the Aussie TikToker who had her first child at 17 years old.
Clark’s number one message for future partners of her kids was simply, “good luck”.
“My daughters are sassy as hell,” she said in the video, which has received more than two million views.
The TikTok vlogger then told her 2.8 million followers that she expected her daughter’s boyfriend to purchase her a birthday gift.
“My daughter (Latisha) and I share a birthday and her last boyfriend used to get me a gift too so not only are my daughter’s expectations high, but so are mine,” she said.
When it comes to having a partner sleepover at her home, Clark said this element of dating came with restrictions.
“No sleepovers unless you’ve been dating seriously for six months, like I don’t even want to meet you face-to-face, sorry.”
This rule was supported and backed by TikTok users who said they loved it and it was “very valid.”
The next rule centered around the parents and family members of the partner.
“Your parents better be fun because if this relationship goes anywhere, I want my Christmases to be fun OK, I don’t want to have a Karen telling me what to do,” Ms Clark said.
Despite a number of Aussie mum’s rules ruffling a few feathers online, the response to her TikTok from social media users was overwhelmingly positive.
“I want to be a parent like you,” “can you be my mother please,” and “I totally agree with all your rules,” said followers.
There was however one rule, the final dating requirement that caused a stir in the comment section of the video.
“Lastly, don’t ever invite my daughter out for dinner and expect her to pay for her meal,” Clark said.
“I was with you till the last one, everyone wants equality till it’s time to pay the bill,” said one user in response to the rule in a comment which received over 1000 likes.
“Keep your daughter. In this age we splitting the bill,” said another commenter.
Fans of the 36-year-old were quick to jump to her defense saying the person who “initiated” the date should be the one to pay, regardless of gender.
“If someone is inviting someone out they should be paying for it,” agreed TikTok users.
Clark’s video comes as eldest daughter Latisha begins dating again following her “first broken heart” and public split from her boyfriend of three years in June.
Miss Clark documented her grief at the time in a series of TikToks.
“Watching my daughter cry was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to see my girl go through,” said Clark.


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