TikTok '5-to-9' Trend Shows Quiet Quitting Hasn't Killed Hustle Culture – Bloomberg

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Over the past two decades, China has built large infrastructure projects in almost every country in Africa, making Western powers uncomfortable amid wider concerns about Beijing’s investments across the continent. However, a deeper look shows that accusations of so-called debt trap diplomacy turn out to be unfounded.
Danger of $4 Trillion Hole in World Outlook Haunts IMF: Eco Week
Twitter LBO Offers Latest Headache for Depleted Credit Markets
US Consumer Borrowing Rises More Than Forecast on Credit Card Use
Spotify Podcast Union Says Corporate Decisions Led to Audience Collapse
Sugarcane Billionaire Ometto Plows Into Mining With Vale Bet
Kanye West Returns to Twitter, Welcomed by Elon Musk
‘Plot Twist!’: Musk’s Deal for Twitter Lurches Toward a Close
Minecraft Star Dream Meets His Screaming Fans for First Time
Satanism, Freemasonry Become Election Topics in Religious Brazil
Truss’s Approval Rating Plumbs New Lows After Party Conference
Buy Short-Term Quality Bonds as Stocks Fall, Pimco’s Browne Says
Portugal Unveils Digital Nomad Visa to Lure Remote Workers
NFL to Modify Concussion Protocol After Injury to Dolphins QB
Verstappen Takes the Pole in Japan With Season Title in View
How the War in Ukraine Changed American Attitudes to Foreign Policy
Why Biden Is Trailing Public Opinion on Marijuana Policy
Russia’s Generals Are Undermining Putin
Hackers Target Eager Homebuyers With a Dumb Scam That Keeps Working
Adidas Seeks New Boss to Bring Buzz to Brand and Bottom Line
The China Bubble Is Losing Air But Won’t Burst
Starbucks Illegally Fired Michigan Worker Over Union Activism, Labor Board Judge Rules
Tribal Nations Demand Repeal of Oklahoma’s Anti-CRT Law
Easter Island Fire Damages Some Moai Statues
Huge Waves Menace Colombian Islands as Storm Julia Gathers Speed
How Finland Put Traffic Crashes on Ice
NY Ban on Guns in Times Square, Other Public Places Is Ruled Unconstitutional
What Can the World Learn From 100 Resilient Cities?
Hackers Feast on Crypto Weak Link and Even Binance Isn’t Spared
Bitcoin Drops as Strong Jobs Data Seen Keeping Fed on Rate-Hike Path
Binance May Spend Over $1 Billion This Year on Deals, CZ Says


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