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Erikakullberg shared how much she earned on all social media platforms, comparing the payouts and of TikTok and YouTube, shocking millions of viewers.
Content creation has become a massive industry. What was once seen as simply a hobby years ago evolved into a behemoth of a career field, with an enormous amount of potential income.
However, the amount that influencers earn is usually not made published, making it difficult for the average viewer to realistically gauge a content creator’s income.
In a viral TikTok video uploaded by Erika Kullberg, the influencer revealed the payouts she received from various social media platforms.
“Here is how much every social media platform has paid me with 17 million followers,” she stated, introducing the premise of the video.
As of the videos’ uploaded date of October 6, she had 452 million lifetime views and over nine million followers on TikTok. She earned anywhere from $2 to $30 each day on the platform, for a total sum of $3255 in payouts from TikTok.
According to Kullberg, this amount is tiny compared to her YouTube earnings.
“YouTube I had 750,000 subscribers. Now YouTube pays very differently depending on if it’s a short video versus a long video,” she mentioned before revealing her YouTube earnings.
A short, 29 second video with over 1.8 million views only earned her around $3. Considering the massive views, this amount was surprisingly low. For a long twelve minute video, which stacked 2.3 million views, YouTube paid her $35,000, which shocked her TikTok viewers.
“I can’t talk right now I’m making a YouTube video,” one user jokingly commented.
Made evident in this TikTok video, popular influencers have a very lucrative career path, and therefore don’t necessarily need a “real job”.


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