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Follow these amazing babysitter and nanny TikTok accounts to find child care tips and advice for working with parents, as well as super-relatable, on-the-job hilarity.
If you’re looking for babysitting tips, craft ideas or funny, relatable stories from fellow nannies and babysitters, these are the nine best accounts to follow on TikTok. 
It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole scrolling on TikTok. You sit down to watch a few videos and suddenly it’s been two hours. You might kick yourself for spending so much time watching random videos instead of doing something productive, but if you’re a babysitter or nanny, spending time on TikTok could actually help you become even better at your job — as long as you follow the right accounts. 
So-called “NannyTok” is a cozy corner of TikTok where sitters and nannies share funny stories, advice and personal reflections. These are some of the best TikTok accounts to follow if you want to hear from fellow sitters and nannies about tips and tricks, learn about setting boundaries with parents — or just want to laugh about relatable babysitting experiences.
Kid hacks 101 😇 #parentingdoneright #choices #confusingquestions #kids #nannylife
Handle: @tryingtocommunicatewithkayla
Number of Followers on TikTok: 50.5k
Kayla is a great creator to follow for examples of how to talk to the children you babysit and how to handle tricky situations. Her “What NOT to do as a babysitter/nanny” series covers everything from how to talk to children respectfully and how to respond to sibling fights, showing common mistakes babysitters make and what to do instead. She elicits the help of the children she babysits as actors in her pretend scenarios, so in addition to the helpful tips, you can see how much fun the children are having with their babysitter. 
Vlog Part 1/3: Did you miss us? 😘🥰 #boujeeblacknanny #nanny #vlog #dailyvlog #foryou #fypp #strongwomen
Handle: @zos_life
Location: Melbourne, Australia 
Number of Followers on TikTok: 755.9k
This creator calls herself the “Boujee Black Nanny” and makes all kinds of babysitting and nannying content. Her day-in-my-life nanny vlogs give insight into life as a nanny and her sweet relationship with the toddler she cares for (including their adorable matching outfits). With a variety of playlists that represent different aspects of the nannying experience, this account is the perfect one to follow if you want to learn more about life as a full-time nanny. 
Why I no longer nanny for stay at home moms. #nanny #nannylife #nannyvlog
Handle: @karlie.schneider1
Location: Southern California 
Number of Followers on TikTok: 18.2k
This nanny makes a variety of relatable videos for babysitters and nannies, including this funny observation about how children’s behavior changes when their parent is home. Some of her most helpful videos are about how to establish and enforce boundaries when nannying, particularly when it comes to full-time nannying. This might include conversations about paid time off, car usage or how to navigate nannying while a parent works from home. 
#fyp #fypp #fyppp #nyc #vlog #dayinthelife #nycvlog #nycnanny #nannytiktok #nanny #222
Handle: @hayleywilll 
Location: New York, New York
Number of Followers on TikTok: 154.5k
Hayley posts “day-in-the-life as an NYC nanny” videos several times a week, where she shows her daily routine of picking up Zuri, the child she nannies, from school, spending the afternoon with her and getting her ready for bed. In addition to running errands together and making sure Zuri gets to her appointments on time, Hayley goes out of her way to incorporate Zuri’s favorite activities into the day and make Zuri feel special. Their adorable friendship is clear even through the screen, but be warned: watching these vlogs might make you jealous of Hayley and Zuri’s fabulous life in New York City (I mean, do you see that ice cream cone?). 
You can never go wrong with the second half of this activity 😍 #simpletoddleractivities #waterplay #messyplay #toddlerpaintingideas #toddlerpainting #toddleractivities #toddleractivitiesathome #entertainingthekids
Handle: @bubbleandbeep 
Number of Followers on TikTok: 17.2k
This account is run by a mom of a 2- and 3-year-old and is full of creative craft ideas for young kids. Most of the ideas use simple materials and require very little prep. Keep some of these ideas in your back pocket for the next time the kids you babysit or nanny tell you they’re bored! 
he’s babysitting his kids next week 😅 #babysittingtips #babysittingdiaries #nannylife #nycparents #🌈 #pov #onlyinnyc #blackcreators #impressions #cooldadsontiktok
Handle: @nicoleolived
Location: New York, New York
Number of Followers on TikTok: 30.3k
This creator is both an actor and a babysitter, which is the perfect recipe for hilarious babysitting videos. You can find all of her babysitting videos in her playlist called “Babysitting.” She does impressions of what she calls the typical “laidback and loving Brooklyn family,” poking fun at some of the past experiences she’s had as a babysitter. Her “cool dad” impression obviously doesn’t represent all dads, but many babysitters have come across a dad or two like this in their time.
5 things I wish I knew before I became a live in nanny: part 1 #nanny #nannying #nannystory #londontips #nannylife #nannytips #nannyblog #hnwnanny #travelblog #kiwisinlondon #movingtolondon #children
Handle: @hannahkoumakis
Location: Aukland, New Zealand
Number of Followers on TikTok: 22.2k
This creator makes videos with advice for live-in nannies, including how to find time for yourself and strategies for maintaining your mental health. She’s done everything from babysitting to live-in nannying, and has collected many tips and tricks along the way. She has a whole playlist on her TikTok account dedicated to nanny and babysitting stories and advice, so it’s easy to find all of her child-care-related videos in one place. 
Replying to @katvassos using Care.com as my secret weapon to make all my jesse dreams come true 😩 link in my bio! #nyc #nanny #nycnanny #nannylife #ad #sponsored #dayinthelife #dayinmylife #nyclife #nannytiktok #nycmodel #model #newyorker #nannyvlog #jesse #caredotcom
Handle: @sydneygbrown 
Location: New York, New York 
Number of Followers on TikTok: 32.5k
Another NYC nanny, Sydney posts videos about her life, including about nannying. Her account is a good reminder of why nannying or babysitting is the perfect job for a college student because the flexible hours allow you to have a life outside of work as well. While life as a babysitter isn’t always perfect, this video shows how fun and peaceful it can be to spend the day babysitting. 
Replying to @macklca I’m sorry but if your toddler has squeaky shoes I will absolutely never put them in them😬 #nanny #nannytok #babysitter #toddlershoes
Handle: @maiyam18
Number of Followers on TikTok: 11.3k
This creator is a professional nanny who makes a wide variety of nannying videos, all conveniently organized into playlists. Maiya’s account has it all: funny and relatable videos about nannying experiences, advice on setting boundaries with clients, cleanup routines and even gift ideas for kids. Her hilarious take on the “How I feel about…” trend would have anyone who spends time with kids cracking up about her spot-on opinions of different kids’ shoe styles.
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