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Sky view of I-35 in Austin. 
A new kind of guy just dropped: Austin man who is mad that he has access to free parking everywhere. In a video re-posted to Twitter this week from TikTok that went viral because people are addicted to getting mad, an Austin resident posted a review of his car-centric weekend in a “city built for cars.”
While the assertion is true — you’ll find no hagiography of I-35, MoPac, or even the city of Austin here — many have pointed out that the video makes some ridiculous claims.
“My neighborhood isn’t safe for running or cycling,” the voice-over says, depicting a portion of I-35 near Cherrywood, a neighborhood that is relatively safe for running and cycling. It’s just that he only shows I-35, and thus has to drive to the gym to exercise, instead of, say, walking 100 feet and biking or running there.
Throughout the video, he parks his car at various garages (for free), and presents this without commentary, which is puzzling. Most people in Austin complain that there’s nowhere to park or that street parking on Rainey, for example, can cost upward of $2 an hour, plus fees, through the Park ATX app.
Many folks just felt like dunking from the free-throw line.
Move to the Northeastern United States, if you don’t mind the weather and the tax implications. Otherwise, maybe just move to a different neighborhood in Austin and start drinking Pilsner like a grown up.
“Maybe just move to a different neighborhood in Austin and start drinking Pilsner like a grown up,” user @willystaley wrote, in reference to the poster’s assertion that he spent $22 on two IPAs.
I’m not fan of poorly designed cities but half this guy’s complaints center around not planning his day well and then not preparing himself for his tasks. Totally the road’s fault.
Some agreed with the assertion that Austin is over-reliant on car transportation, but rightly noted that the person in the video is very inefficient at existing in the world.
Lol obviously it isn’t serious. The guy spent more money in the video on an Uber and Gas for his car than I have spent on groceries for 2 weeks. He’s got the money to burn. Especially judging by the possibility he lives in a newer apartment building. It’s semi-relatable satire.
Many pointed out that this video is satire — he believes in sustainability but drives home to get reusable bags and purchases water for his plants — to which we simply shrug. There’s no going halfway in satire. Maybe be funnier next time? 
Telsa Road exit sign off of Toll-130 which accesses the new Tesla Giga Texas manufacturing facility on April 6, 2022 in Austin, Texas. – Tesla’s unveiling this week of a new auto factory in Austin has highlighted corporate America’s growing affinity for Texas compared with California and other states seen as less business-friendly. (Photo by SUZANNE CORDEIRO / AFP) (Photo by SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP via Getty Images)
You can watch the full video here:
This is a dystopia.
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