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TikTok has banned a Match.com advert for negative gender stereotypes, after a complaint was made to UK-based advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
The video portrayed a heterosexual couple in their home, and was titled “Things that make him realise I’m a keeper”. It then went on to show the woman doing all sorts of tasks for the man, with simultaneous audio explaining her intentions.
“I will make him his protein drink after the gym,” the voiceover says. “I always make sure he has a fresh towel and socks after his shower. I put the football on for him every evening. Find your keeper via Match. Go download the Match app today.”
First posted on June 30, a viewer complained about its harmful stereotyping.
According to the Independent, Match.com defended the video, saying it was one of three in a series that depicted thoughtful things people do for their partners. Another showed a man doing such things while the last featured both partners partaking in gestures for each other.
Still, the ASA stood by their decision, particularly because of the domestic nature of the chores the woman was doing, in order to “please her male partner”.
“We concluded that the ad perpetuated negative gender stereotypes and was likely to cause harm and widespread offence,” the regulator said. They also explained that the advert “reinforced the idea that women should be subservient to men in order to maintain a successful relationship”.
They also noted that no reciprocal tasks were done by the man in said video. That, in tandem with the advert’s title and overt messaging, rendered it a damaging depiction of gender roles.
Mashable reached out to Match for a comment but did not hear back immediately.
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