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By Dani Medina
October 6, 2022
What’s the best city in Texas? Don’t worry — if you show a little bias, we won’t blame you.
One TikTok went viral for its crude and unexpected ranking of Texas cities and locals are NOT happy with the results. The video, shared by @texashumor, has received over 1.2 million views and nearly 300,000 likes since it was posted over the summer — but it has recently resurfaced since Texans are taking aim at the top dog.
If you’ve ever seen Dance Moms (or you’ve been on TikTok in recent years), you might be familiar with the pyramid ranking Abby Lee Miller used to rank her students. The TikToker chose the same tactic to rank six cities in the Lone Star State. "On the bottom, (Dallas), you were good, but I’m waiting for you to be great," the video starts out. "And next, (El Paso). You didn’t stick out to me. Next is (Brownsville). Next, (Lubbock). You’re third on the pyramid, you’re third overall high score. And (San Antonio). On top of the pyramid, going three for three once again, is (Houston)."
Users were outraged at these rankings — especially the fact that Austin wasn’t even considered. "How could you not even put the capital lol," one user said. Other commenters were happy that Houston was No. 1 — "H-town babyyyy" while others were confused — "Houston over Dallas?" Some even accused the TikToker of not even being from Texas because of her rankings! "Tell me you don’t live in Texas without telling me you don’t live in Texas," someone commented.
Perhaps the most controversial part of this ranking was Dallas’ placement. "i know u did not just put el paso and LUBBOCK over dallas?," one user said. "No way downtown Dallas is amazing." Another said the whole thing was all the way incorrect. "wrong. so wrong. wrong in so many ways. i’ve lived in lubbock, dallas, and houston. wrong," they said.
You can watch the TikTok below:
How would you rank them? #fyp #texas #texashumor
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