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A new TikTok trend encouraging users to ‘Taste the Biscuit’ has gone viral on the social media app – but what does this trend entail?
Anyone who has spent time on TikTok will know that a lot of the content on the social media platform revolves around trends. Often, they are based on viral ‘sounds‘ and new songs from popular artists.
Other times, people dig up decade-old songs and use them for their own creative jokes and laughably bizarre content.
Recently, TikTokers have been obsessed with the ‘Taste the Biscuit’ song from the 2010 movie Chickens in the Shadows, and it has resulted in a hilarious new trend. Here is everything you need to know about it.
A new filter on TikTok lets users to place their faces atop chrome models walking along the sand in a one-shoulder dress. In the background, a song called ‘Taste the Biscuit’ plays while the chrome model walks as if they’re in the middle of a photoshoot on the runway.
Users then lip-sync along with the lyrics of the song, and add a funny caption to create laughably absurd content. There are now various remixes to the catchy tune.
The relatively new trend has already earned its own nicknames on the app, like “biscuittok” or even “biscussy tok.” There’s not much else to it, other than the fact that people are vibing to the song.
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The song ‘Taste the Biscuit’ comes from Toasters ‘N’ Moose, a pop duo from the 1970s, who were also the artists in the 2010 comedy music mockumentary movie Chickens in the Shadow.
The film follows Toasters ‘N’ Moose attempting to stage a three-day comeback tour in North Carolina. The song plays during one particular scene, when the manager of the band manages to find them a gig in a local thrift store.
This is not the first time the song has gone viral. The tune has also been featured on prominent talk shows and even received covers from famous musicians.
In an interview with Rolling Stone, director Vincent Gargiulo said: “So this time, it wasn’t that big of a surprise, although it seems to be bigger this go-around. The Chrome Lady I don’t understand, but sure, cool.”
Estelle Piper, who plays “Toasters” in the film, also spoke to the publication about the song. She mentioned that the song “was picked up by all kinds of fans who did their own versions and duets on YouTube.”


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