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A mom living in Copenhagen recently revealed the way Danish babies take naps, and TikTok parents around the world are stunned.
TikToker @annieineventyrland gained over 15 million views and 72,000 comments after she uploaded her video, inspiring a wave of culture shock across the globe.
Annie, an American mom of four living in Denmark, recently went viral when she shared her video captioned, “Danish babies sleep alone outside.”
In the video, she states that the Danish practice of leaving babies to sleep outside in their strollers is not only a cultural norm but a recommendation of midwives and baby nurses.
“Fresh air is said to keep babies healthy and help them sleep better,” Annie says. “Napping your baby in a stroller outside is done in all sorts of weather. Babies are dressed in lightweight wool and have a down duvet that regulate the babies’ body temperature, keeping them warm without overheating.”
According to Annie, it’s common for parents to leave their babies napping outside while they shop or dine in restaurants. While parents always keep an eye on the strollers, the fear of babies getting kidnapped is low — as, “No one wants the responsibility of someone else’s kid,” says Annie.
The practice is so common, strollers even have their own parking spots outside of businesses and in parks around town.
In a follow-up video, Annie went on to say that leaving babies outside to nap in “almost every kind of weather” is recommended by the Danish National Board of Health. However, she urges viewers to “follow the safe sleep guidelines of your country,” which might differ from the guidelines in Denmark.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), infants should always sleep on a flat, firm surface, on their backs, while supervised by an adult, and without blankets or any other soft materials.
Because infants are unable to regulate their body temperatures, the AAP recommends that babies are always dressed in weather-appropriate gear and are never exposed to extreme temperatures.
According to the Danish child safety website Sundhedsplejersken, “There are still no scientific studies that can show whether sleeping outdoors has any significance. But it is experience from parents and professionals that children seem to sleep well outdoors.”
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TikTokers around the world were stunned by Annie’s videos and had many varying opinions on the practice.
“Meanwhile in the ?? you can’t leave your Amazon boxes outside for to loo long. ???,” one user wrote in the comments.
“We live in NYC … ? can’t even leave a bag of chips outside,” another user commented.
“I’m in Texas. The child would be carried away by mosquitoes,” joked one user.
“? I can’t even leave my lunch in the fridge at work!” one user wrote.
“It’s no for me, but the safety in this country is a bless ??,” shared another user.
“This can’t be real,” one dubious user wrote.
“My anxiety could never,” another user commented.
Other TikTokers shared that this isn’t just a Danish practice. Cultures around the world also seem to leave babies alone outside to nap.
“Same in Finland and probably all Scandinavian countries,” one user commented.
“Not too much in France but in our small village we do it,” another user wrote.
“My Irish granny used to swear by this (not in the street though, just in the garden),” commented one user.
“I did this in our garden in New Zealand ?,” wrote another user.
“From Scotland, my mum used to do this with us and my sisters,” another comment read.
“Yes from Germany ?? especially during winter times,” shared another user.
“I was napped outside (Austrians do it too). Love a good fresh air sleep to this day,” one user wrote.
If parents have questions or concerns about the safety of their baby’s sleep environment, they should never hesitate to talk with their pediatrician, states
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