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Aj Rivas shares his love for San Antonio personalities with his 275,000 followers on TikTok.
I wasn’t at all surprised when I first saw rising TikTok star Aj Rivas being shared on my timeline a few years ago, given that I remembered his lively personality as a leader at Harlandale pep rallies in high school. You probably have a cousin or tia that’s just like Yessica, Rivas’ character that accurately sums up a classic San Antonio chica. You know, loud and unashamed, maybe even a bit chiflada. Rivas nails the local personality type in his videos that you’ve most likely seen on your timeline if you have any interest in San Antonio culture.
The Yessica character is a toast to women of San Antonio’s Westside and Southside. She embodies the 2-1-0’s attitude and flair. For Rivas, embodying the personality comes naturally given his passion for sharing a bit of San Antonio’s culture with his followers, which is nearly 280,000 strong. He’s gotten attention and love from celebrities like actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and musician Chris Perez, especially notable given that Rivas dresses up and creates videos as Selena. He’s also collaborated with other Texas TikTok stars like the Enkyboys.
But perhaps more importantly, he’s bonded with the locals of this amazing city and shown that we’re worth being represented and seen.
“This is me appreciating where I come from,” Rivas tells MySA of his craft.
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Catch up with Rivas below. 
Tacos! From Tommy’s on Nogalitos to Taco Martinez on W. Commerce! Now I’m hungry!
If I’m not at work or home, find me at Smoke BBQ + Skybar! Let’s have some mac & cheese with brisket with some jams! Now I’m even getting more hungry!
Well honestly to get the San Antonio feeling, I would take them to Mi Tierra to experience the aura of the culture of downtown San Antonio, then to the Selena bridge on the River Walk of course, and continue eating at local restaurants, to show that we got TACOS NOT BURRITOS! (laughs out loud)
Colorful, of course.
I’m up for any local artist and [seeing] local businesses shine, but one place I do hold dear to my heart is my previous job. Mission Road Ministries, which is a nonprofit that provides residential care for children ages 3 to 17 years old with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
Well it hasn’t changed much, there is still construction everywhere! 
Y’all ready? Judge me all you want! “Lol Hello Tommy’s Restaurant can I get a carne guisada with cheese, bean and cheese, and a potato & egg with cheese and a sweet tea!”
The culture, unity, colors, and art inspire me.
Well, [it’s] always fun driving down SW Military Dr. or W. Commerce remembering the cruising back in the day, oh and the good times of honking when the Spurs won the championships.
If only anyone wanted to date me? (laughs out loud) I would have to say dinner at the new Sugar Factory at River Center then to The Pearl for some drinks.
Aj Rivas often performs Selena songs and embodies a character named Yessica.
Loop 1604 from 4 to 7 p.m.
Nombre, my mom doesn’t let me go, or can I not let my mom go? (laughs out loud)
Mmm, not sure. Maybe WHATABURGER CENTER?
There are so many artists, places and things I can name, and there won’t be enough room in this article.  All I can say right now is to CONTINUE SUPPORTING LOCAL EVERYTHING!
Sarah Martinez is a culture reporter for MySA. She is a San Antonio native and an alumna of Syracuse University. | @smartinezwrites


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