TikTok Grandma Shares Genius Hack To Save Greasy Sauces – Delish

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Is there anything we haven’t learned from TikTok?
We’ve lost more hours of our lives to TikTok than we care to admit, but there’s no denying that the app has taught us a whole bunch of hacks – especially in the kitchen.

Everybody’s favourite TikTok grandma, @brunchwithbabs, has shared a genius way to rid your homemade gravy and sauces of grease, and it’s way easier than you might think.
In the video, the internet famous grandma fills a metal ladle with ice and lets it sit in the sauce for a few moments. As she explains, “the cold from the ice is going to attract all that grease,” before lifting the ladle out to show the bottom now “coated with grease.” Then, just wipe the ladle with a piece of kitchen roll, and repeat.
You will never have to worry about greasy sauce or gravy again!!! #motherlyadvice #grandmasoftiktok #grandmatips
The viral video has racked up over 276k likes and 700 comments, with one appreciative fan commenting: “I literally just made a roast and needed this tip!” and another adding: “this is so much easier than sticking the whole thing in the fridge and skimming.”
Others branded the idea “absolutely genius,” “so smart,” and a “game changer,” suggesting that “this woman sharing her tips has taught me more in the past two days than I’ve learned in the past five years. Amazing.”
Of course, there were a few nay-sayers, with one responding: “Grandma isn’t this flavor?” and another: “Nooooooo the flavorrrrrrrr.”
Whether you’re team grease or not, it’s hard to deny that Babs is an oracle of kitchen know-how. I mean just look at how she loads a dishwasher. Mind = blown.

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