The Libs of TikTok Account Was Finally Kicked Off Twitter and the Founder Wants to Sue – INTO

Anti-LGBTQ+ troll Libs of TikTok has been suspended from Twitter for “hateful conduct,” The Advocate reports. While not the first time this has happened (and it is only a 7-day suspension), Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik is now threatening legal action against Twitter. She’s also soliciting donations from her followers to do so, claiming the account as a nonprofit.
Libs of TikTok is one of many right wing accounts that regularly targets LGBTQ+ people with mocking videos and memes. But Raichik’s platform has risen in prominence through stochastic terrorism, targetting specific LGBTQ+-friendly events and institutions. In June, Libs of Tik Tok posted the location of a drag queen story hour, and the Proud Boys promptly showed up to yell anti-LGBTQ+ slurs in front of children.
Libs of TikTok posted the direct location of an LGBTQ+ event where children were being read stories. The Proud Boys showed up and started screaming slurs at a drag performer, one wearing a shirt that said “kill your local pedophile”.
The children were understandably terrified
— The Serfs (@theserfstv) June 14, 2022

More recently, Raichik began posting incendiary tweets misrepresenting the gender-affirming care provided to teens and adults at Boston Children’s Hospital. Subsequently, the hospital had go into lockdown over a bomb threat. These efforts, along with those of other high-profile right-wing commentators, have also helped to make “groomer” a common anti-LGBTQ+ slur online.
Raichik, however, fails to see how any of this constitutes hateful conduct. Instead, she considers herself a “journalist,” according to the letter by attorney James Lawrence III. Raichik is fighting the temporary suspension on the basis that slandering LGBTQ+ people as pedophiles and then exposing the locations of specific LGBTQ+-friendly spaces to her extremist audience is just “reporting the facts,” per Raichik’s blog.
In her statement, Raichik turns from martyr to grifter fast enough to cause whiplash. “I’m not taking it lying down. I’ve vowed to sue Twitter if they permanently suspend me, and I meant it. However, a lawsuit against Twitter will be extremely expensive,” she said.
Despite the fact that Twitter has not yet permanently banned her, she wastes no time in setting up a donation page. “I’ve started a Libs of TikTok Legal Fund where you can send a tax-deductible donation to help cover the legal fees associated with fighting back against not only Big Tech, but every single media outlet that has lied about me to try and get me deplatformed. That fight has already begun, and legal bills are already piling up.”
To Raichik’s credit, Twitter’s suspension of Libs of TikTok is unusual—you would think an account responsible for inspiring a bomb threat on a children’s hospital would be permanently banned. It took an armed insurrection off the capitol to get Donald Trump off of Twitter, and that begs the question: what will it take for Libs of TikTok?


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