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MrBeast already has multiple ideas in mind for a possible Netflix deal.
YouTuber and successful entrepreneur Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has debunked claims from TikToker Khaby Lame that creators can be paid up to $750,000 for TikTok videos.
Hitting success in the world of content creation isn’t an easy feat. YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is more than familiar with the strides it takes to make an impact and now enjoys the lucrative rewards his work pays off with.
Sitting at the top with some of the highest earning YouTubers, MrBeast has expanded his revenue stream through ventures such as MrBeast Burger and through creating content for viral video platform TikTok.
However, though TikTok videos may pay well for the YouTuber, MrBeast has shot down Khaby Lame’s claims of earning close to $1 million.
Appearing alongside the Sidemen on their podcast, Vikkstar prompted MrBeast to speak about TikTok earnings: “Khaby Lame got $750,000.”
Before Vikkstar could go further into his question, MrBeast jumped in and claimed that “there’s no way…it’s not that much. It’s just definitely not that much.”
Surprised by MrBeast’s response, Vikkstar encouraged him to elaborate further on his point.
“Unless Khaby himself says it that is just beyond cap,” continued the YouTuber.
It certainly isn’t uncommon for influencers and creators to receive huge sums for their work. “We can get $200,000 a TikTok, so like 200 to 300 is the highest I’ve ever seen,” MrBeast added.
Jokingly, Vikkstar responded by saying “all of a sudden I think I’m making a TikTok account.”
Khaby Lame is reportedly on track to amass an incredible $10 million in 2022 alone. The creator has worked with numerous brands on multiple sponsored videos.
Fortune revealed that through his most recent collaboration with Hugo Boss, Lame netted a cool $450,000 for walking in their Milan Fashion Week show.


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