Inflatable pool saves woman's life after her house is flooded by Hurricane Ian, she then begs for help – Marca

She used her infatable pool as a liferaft to stay alive
A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she posted a video on the platform of her trapped inside her flooded house, as storm Ian raged outside.
In the video, the women, whose TikTok username is ‘bigbe44’, films her living room saying: “if you’ve ever floated in a floaty pool in your own living room with your refrigerator….at your door.” As she floats around in her inflatable pool with her furniture, she films the front room of her house which is completely flooded. It appears at some points in the video that her house is sinking, and that at any moment, it could be swallowed up by the constantly rising water level outside.
Beth’s video has amassed almost 43 million views on TikTok and thousands of people have posted comments, expressing their concern for the TikToker. The caption of the video pleaded for users to “send prayers”.
Beth has since posted two more videos on her account. The first shows the complete destruction that Hurricane Ian has caused in the area around her house. In the most recent video posted yesterday, the Florida resident explains to the relief of thousands of users that she’s alive, but urgently needs help.“If you can see me now, I’m alive… still floating in water. Someone needs to come help”. The video is like something out of a horror movie- the footage is virtually pitch black with just the silhouette of Beth’s face visible. Eerie drops of water can be heard in the background.
Many people can’t comprehend why Beth didn’t adhere to the evacuation call a few days ago. Some TikTok users have expressed their exasperation at the woman’s circumstances, given that some believe they could have been avoided.
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