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A Gym worker went viral on TikTok for discussing workplace boundaries after she received an unsolicited DM from an “obsessive” client.
In a TikTok video, which has amassed over 320,000 views, gym employee Andraya revealed a worrying Instagram message she received from a prospective client, who appeared to have found her personal profile based on her work email address.
“Customer service workers should not be forced to wear a nametag with their name on it if they do not want to,” she said in the video. “Nor should their public work email be their first and last name.”
“I currently work at a gym, and I had this guy sign up online for a membership,” she explained. “So I reached out to him through the work phone, and I let him know that I needed him to come into the gym to sign some papers to get his membership completed.”
She continued: “We scheduled an appointment, and when we scheduled an appointment, it goes through my work email to send him a confirmation for the appointment.”
The TikToker pointed out that her work email contains her first and last name, and that her first name is uncommon, making her “very easy to find.” She then shared a screenshot of the Instagram direct message that the client sent her.
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The direct message read: “Not sure if you’re working tomorrow, but I can be in tomorrow to sign my corporate paper. Sorry I figured it’s easier to let you know via message, either way, stoked haven’t been in like… 2-3 years it’ll be good to be back.”
Andraya added: “I would just like to know how it’s easier or appropriate to message me on my personal Instagram account with matters regarding the gym/work. So that message alone freaked me out.”
She explained that she also had a similar issue at another job, where a customer contacted her on Facebook based on information from her name tag. “I ended up going to the cops about it, and found out that this guy had like a list of priors, like the cops know about him,” she shared.
Andraya further revealed that she has a mutual Instagram follower with the gym client, who she reached out to after he sent her an unsolicited DM. “This girl comes back to me and says, ‘Run, this guy’s crazy. He’s a stalker. He’s obsessive,'” Andraya said.
She continued: “And now he has my information. He knows my name. He knows where I work. And he can literally just show up to my work anytime he wants because I work at a gym.”
The TikToker said she intends to speak to her manager to file an incident report.


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