Mass. Singer Launches Professional Career Using TikTok – NBC10 Boston

It started as a passion and turned into a career.
“I’m from a really small town in western Massachusetts and like no one really did music.”
Singer-songwriter Georgia Webster came close to walking away from her dreams, until she posted a song on TikTok.
“It literally blew up and I was like, Holy crap. Like, this is a sign,” she told NBC10 Boston.
The song garnered millions of views in a matter of days. At just 18 years old, her social media helped her set the stage, putting her in the spotlight.
It helped her find a manager and even land a record deal with Song. Now she has a new gig – opening for Kelsea Ballerini.
“Social media got me on this tour. Kelsea found me through TikTok. So it’s really just like I just always tell people, like just post.”
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Now she’s gone from high school senior to a rising star in Nashville.
Webster said taking the stage with Ballerini in Boston this weekend – not far from her hometown of Hampden, Mass., feels surreal.
“It’s just crazy. I mean, I grew up listening to her like I was ten years old when she was my age on the radio I’m just excited. I’m
just grateful,” she said.
She also reminds others looking to succeed to always bet on themselves.
“If you want to do music, if you want to do anything artistic, like just posting and just getting yourself out there and not being afraid is like the number one thing,” she said.


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