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A TikTok video demonstrating “creative” phone hacks has gone viral for a mixture of useful decoration tips and absolutely bizarre concepts like insolation foam hand hold and baby-doll pop sockets.
TikTok videos have been used to demonstrate a variety of hacks, tips, tricks, and shortcuts over the past several years. From hairstyles to make-up tutorials, TikTok users are never at a loss for creative “solutions” to problems.
Some of the most helpful TikTok tutorials demonstrate creative solutions for decorating different objects at a low cost. Some users are looking to spruce up an old piece of furniture, while others are looking for an inventive fashion solution.
However, in a recent video, cell phone decoration and accessory hacks go to a new level, and many of the options demonstrated in the clip are leaving viewers confused and mildly disturbed.
In a Twitter post shared by MattGFX, the user calls out a TikTok video posted by 69creative69. The comment above the video states, “This video is unhinged from the start but nothing could have prepared me for the last one”.
this video is unhinged from the start but nothing could have prepared me for the last one pic.twitter.com/nWzJ6rIhoz
The video demonstrates a series of phone “hacks” viewers can try at home. Some are fairly interesting and seemingly clever, like gluing rivets to a phone case to easily change out decorations or coloring a case using nail paint and a blow dryer. However, the video also highlights absolutely absurd phone “solutions” like an assembly foam “glove”, edible fondant phone cover, and a kid shoe phone holder.
However, the truly alarming and generally upsetting finale of the viral TikTok video is a pop-socket alternative. The video shows someone dismembering a small baby doll, and then gluing its body parts to a phone case. The video ends with the baby doll acting as a phone prop as it stares lifelessly down at the table’s surface.
Viewers have responded to the TikTok video on the Twitter post, with most deeply unsettled by the series of creative “tricks”. Nahoshura replies “You expect it to have reached peak weirdness but no. it just keeps going” while Shock_and_Roll adds “Serial killer behavior…”.
DigitalByte357 captures the reactions of many, commenting “The baby’s face at the end is pretty much our reaction. XD” followed by a screenshot of the baby’s lifeless face.
The baby’s face at the end is pretty much our reaction. XD pic.twitter.com/6eqtyKqjf0
While the TikToker 69creative69 seems to have a channel dedicated to interesting hacks and creative solutions for problems, it’s pretty clear few people will be trying out the mutilated baby phone stand any time in the near future.


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