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TikTok Now has launched its trial phase in Indonesia. According to TikTok, the app can be accessed by downloading the app on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.TikTok Now allows users to receive daily requests to record 10-second videos or photos. Depending on the user’s region,  TikTok Now may be integrated into the TikTok app itself, downloadable separately through the new TikTok Now app, or available in both formats. In addition, as a standalone app, the TikTok Now app shares the same main functions, as the TikTok app.
The user’s TikTok account is linked with the TikTok Now app so that they can stay logged in and navigate between the two apps, using the same personal information they provided when creating an account. So, they don’t have to download the TikTok app in order to use the TikTok Now app, yet new users still need to create a TikTok account.
TikTok Now allows its users to decide who can view or engage with their content and they can only view their friends’ TikTok Nows from the current day after they’ve posted a TikTok Now. On the other hand, the users won’t be able to access their friends’ TikTok Nows from any previous days. However, only TikTokers who are 18 years and above are able to post publicly and suggested accounts will appear.
Earlier this year, in a bid to show diversity in its content, TikTok Indonesia launched  its #SerunyadiTikTok (Joy in TikTok) campaign. Done in collaboration with M&C Saatchi Indonesia, the campaign brings onboard popular journalist, news anchor and influencer, Najwa Shihab, as the brand ambassador for TikTok in Indonesia, in her first-ever brand endorsement. 
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